Wireless Access

The New City Library is pleased to provide free wireless Internet access for the use of our customers. Agreement to abide by the following rules is a precondition for having access to the wireless network.

  1. Customers must accept the library’s basic Internet Use Policy.
  2. The customer is responsible for setting up his or her laptop and software to permit wireless access through the library’s network. Library staff members are not permitted to configure a person’s personal laptop or to provide assistance with the installation of hardware or software.
  3. The library does not assume responsibility for the safety and integrity of personal equipment, laptop configurations or data files.
  4. The library cannot vouch for the security of wireless communications. It is strongly advised that wireless communication not be used for the transmission of sensitive or personal information. The library cannot vouch for the reliability of any website nor the success of any given online transaction.
  5. Customers are responsible for providing virus protection for personal equipment.
  6. Customers may not use the library’s printers with their own laptop equipment.
  7. The library’s wireless network may require periodic maintenance, and the library cannot be held responsible for unforeseen down time.
  8. Customers using personal laptops in a manner disturbing to others in the library will be asked to turn off the equipment. Repeated violations of these rules will result in suspension of usage privileges.