Oral Histories

A-Z List of Interviews

Andres Abreu
Arthur Aldrich
Bob Baird
Les Baisley
Ira Berk
Ralph Blauvelt
Fred Bohlander
Jerome Bonomolo
Dorothy Bromm 
Eugene Brown
Harrison Bush
Julio Cabrera
Rev. Raymond Caliman
Arlene Clinkscale
Richard Colwell
Bruno Cosentino
Lottie Kane Swann Crawford
Jim Cropsey
Thomas Curran
Bert Dahm
Jan Davies
Albert H. Davis
William Debevoise
Vivian DeGroat
Rita DiCarlo
Joseph D’Innocenzo
Jerry Donnellan
Veronica Dwyer
Ray Eberling
Ileana Eckert
Gertha Eubanks
Lee Feist
Barry Fixler
Phyllis Frank
Constance Frazier
Katharine Fulmor
Pat Gallagher
Stuart Gates
Jack Geist
Alice Gerard
Edmund Gordon
Joseph P. Gordon
Pat Gordon
Arthur Henry Gunther III
Joan Gussow
Azeneth Gutierrez
Harriet Hasbrouck
Florine Lee Hamilton
Rudy & Dorothy Hansen
Mary Harris
Joseph Holland
Travis Jackson
Sam Johnson
Rachel Kaufmann
Robert Knight
Jerry Koblin
Marie Koestler
June Kracke
Elizabeth Lavigne
Herbert Lerner
Gloria Liebert
Harold Lindland
David Lipman
Ted Ludwiczak
Walter Luther
Richard MacVicar with Adam Raines
Al Magnatta
Robert Maher, Jr.
Reggie & Mary Maiorano
Mary Marshall
Mary Alice Beckerle Mascola
John Mauro
Tess McCormack-Raso
Rita McCullough
Corinne McGeorge
Frank Morea
Phyllis Morena
Alan Moskin
Susan L. Murphy
Thomas Murray
Angelina Muscarella
Gail Nardozzi
Anne Natale
Bette Nussbaum
Gene Ostertag
Marlene Ostertag
Judy Sisco Peaks
Betty Perry
Robert Protzmann
Jack Reilly
Henry Rennie
Tom Riley
Robin Rosenberg
 Norina Ross
John Rossi
Rose Marie Rowell
Mary Saracco
Vincent Saracco
Thomas Schassler
Pete Scheibner
Sue Schwinn
Philomena Scott
Barney Shiner
Sam Simon
Charlotte Stokes
Bernhard Storch
Ruth Stoughton
Thomas Sullivan
June Svahn Sundvik
R. Clinton Taplin
Joseph Thaxton
Mike Toto
Marilyn Trojahn
J. Arthur Wagner
Harry Waitzman
Curtisteen Walter
Gardner Watts
Alfred J. Weiner
Craig Wertheim
Doug Williams
Harriet Wollenberg
Gordon Wren, Jr.
Gordon Wren, Sr.
Robin Wren


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The New City Library Oral History Project

Since September 2014 the New City Library has amassed a collection of over 100 oral histories with local residents. These interviews document the changing landscape of Rockland County and the lives of both long-time residents who grew up in the County and the new migrants from New York City and other parts of the United States as well as immigrants from around the world. We regularly hold listening programs that include clips of interviews based on a variety of themes. We would like to thank the following for their support:

Eileen McAdam of the Sound and Story Project of the Hudson Valley

The Library Association of Rockland County 

Ramapo Catskill Library System for the 2015 Outreach grant

Veterans History Interviews from David Kaminski, Clarkstown North / in conjunction with Rockland Independent Living Center

You can listen to many of these clips on our Soundcloud.

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