Public Meeting Room

The meeting rooms are primarily for the use of the library. When not required for library use, other non-profit community groups are welcome to request rooms. These meetings must be open to the public without admission fees, solicitation, fund raising or sales of any kind. All advertisements for meetings must explicitly state that the library is not a sponsor or contact for the event. Due to limited availability, the library reserves the right to regulate the frequency of usage and how far in advance a room can be booked.

Each group reserving a room must indicate the member of the group who will be responsible for the room appearing as it did before the meeting took place and for the group’s observance of library policies, fire codes and any local, state or federal laws. Any damage to the rooms will be charged to the group via the member designated to be responsible for the group.

The library reserves the right to cancel or suspend any meeting held by a group or organization that violates this policy or any rules of the Library.