New Audiobooks

Audiobooks for October 2017

Posted: October 31, 2017

MP3 Alyan Salt Houses by Hala Alyan.  Read by Leila Buck.  One disc.  12+ hours. BCD Brown Seeing Red by Sandra Brown.  Read by Victor Slezak.  12 discs.  12+ hours. BCD Cashore Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore.  Read by Rebecca Soler.  12 discs.  14+ hours. BCD Fergus The Vengeance of Mothers: the journals of Margaret Kelly and Molly […]

September Fiction Audiobooks 2017

Posted: September 1, 2017

BCD Abbott Blame by Jeff Abbott. Read by various readers.  10 discs.  12+ hours. BCD Bardugo WonderWoman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo.  10 discs.  12 hours.   Read by Mozhan Marno. BCD Black Lovemurder by Saul Black.  Read by Christina Delaine.  11 discs.  12+ hours. BCD  Brown Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown.  Read by Tavia Gilbert […]

Nonfiction Audiobooks August 2017

Posted: August 1, 2017

BCD B Alexie You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me by Sherman Alexie.  Read by the Author.  10 discs.  12 hours. BCD B Cranston A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston.  Read by the author.  8 discs.  9+ hours. BCD B Lucas George Lucas: a life by Brian Jay Jones.  Read by Jay Snyder.  16 discs.  18+ […]

Fiction Audiobooks August 2017

Posted: August 1, 2017

BCD Mystery Atkins Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies by Ace Atkins.  Read by Joe Mantegna.   6 discs.  7+ hours. MP3 Attenberg All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg.  Read by Mia Barron.  One disc.  5+ hours. BCD Baldacci The Fix by David Baldacci.  Read by Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy.  10 discs.  12 hours. MP3 Mystery Box Vicious […]

July 2017 Fiction Audiobooks

Posted: July 1, 2017

BCD Barton The Child by Fiona Barton.  Read by Mandy Williams and Rosalyn Landor with a full cast.  8 discs.  11+ hours. BCD Black Wolf on a String by Benjamin Black.  Read by Simon Vance.  9 discs.  10+ hours. BCD Mystery Bourland I’ll Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland.  Read by Eileen Stevens.  9 discs.  11 hours. […]

June 2017 Fiction Audiobooks

Posted: June 1, 2017

BCD Belle The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle.  Read by Johanna Parker.  9 discs.  11+ hours BCD Blauner Proving Ground by Peter Blauner.  Read by Ari Fliakos.  10 discs.  13 hours. BCD Mystery Bourland I’l Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland.  Read by Eileen Stevens.  9 discs.  11 hours. BCD Brown Price of Duty by Dale Brown.  Read […]