New Nonfiction March 3, 2021

Posted: March 4, 2021

copenhagentrilogy A Place For Everything Keep Sharp Halfway Home How Can it Be Gluten Free Worse Place Than Hell

Biography and Memoir

The secret life of Dorothy Soames : a memoir / Cowan, Justine

The Copenhagen trilogy : Childhood, Youth, Dependency / Ditlevsen, Tove Irma Margit

Widowish : a memoir / Gould, Melissa,

Between two kingdoms : a memoir of a life interrupted / Jaouad, Suleika

Harnessing grief : a mother’s quest for meaning and miracles / Kefalas, Maria

Nuestra America: my family in the vertigo of translation / Lomnitz, Claudio

I came as a shadow : an autobiography / Thompson, John

Nonfiction by Dewey Decimal Call#

A place for everything : the curious history of alphabetical order / Flanders, Judith
025.3177 FLAND

Keep sharp : build a better brain at any age / Gupta, Sanjay,
153.4 GUPTA

Laziness does not exist : a defense of the exhausted, exploited, and overworked / Price, Devon

Breakup bootcamp : the science of rewiring your heart / Chan, Amy
158.1 CHAN

Never enough : a Navy SEAL commander on living a life of excellence, agility, and meaning / Hayes, Mike
158.4 HAYES

Doomed Romance: Broken Hearts, Lost Souls and Sexual Tumult in Nineteenth-Century America
266.0237 HEYRM

The movement : the African American struggle for civil rights / Holt, Thomas C.
323.1196 HOLT

Modern warriors : real stories from real heroes / Hegseth, Pete
355.009 HEGSE

Broke in America : seeing, understanding, and ending US poverty / Goldblum, Joanne Samuel
362.5097 GOLDB

Drug use for grown-ups : chasing liberty in the land of fear / Hart, Carl L
362.973 HART

The new climate war : the fight to take back our planet / Mann, Michael E.
363.7387 MANN

Halfway home : race, punishment, and the afterlife of mass incarceration / Miller, Reuben Jonathan
364.8097 MILLE

An anatomy of pain : how the body and the mind experience and endure physical suffering / Lalkhen, Abdul-Ghaaliq
616.0472 LALKH

ADHD 2.0 : new science and essential strategies for thriving with distraction–from childhood through adulthood / Hallowell, Edward
616.8589 HALLO

Malignant : how bad policy and bad evidence harm people with cancer / Prasad, Vinayak
616.994 PRASA

How can it be gluten free cookbook collection : 350+ groundbreaking recipes for all your favorite foods / America’s Test Kitchen
641.5639 HOW

Beginners : the joy and transformative power of lifelong learning / Vanderbilt, Tom
646.7 VANDE

The Scaffold effect : raising resilient, self-reliant, and secure kids in an age of anxiety / Koplewicz, Harold
649.1 KOPLE

Parenting while working from home : a monthly guide to help parents balance their careers, connect with their kids, establish their inner strength / Medini, Shari
650.1 MEDIN

No-fail watercolor : the ultimate beginner’s guide to painting with confidence / Mako
751.422 MAKO

Wild minds : the artists and rivalries that inspired the golden age of animation / Mitenbuler, Reid
791.453 MITEN

Off the back of a truck : unofficial contraband for the Sopranos fan / Braccia, Nick
791.4572 BRACC

The world turned upside down : a history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
951.056 YANG

The daughters of Kobani : a story of rebellion, courage, and justice / Lemmon, Gayle Tzemach
956.9104 LEMMO

Lincoln’s mentors : the education of a leader / Gerhardt, Michael J
973.7092 GERHA

A worse place than hell : how the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg changed a nation / Matteson, John
973.733 MATTE

American kompromat : how the KGB cultivated Donald Trump, and related tales of sex, greed, power, and treachery / Unger, Craig
973.933 UNGER

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