New Nonfiction March 18, 2021

Posted: March 19, 2021

Think Again Mr. Humble Dr. Butcher We Own the City The Price you pay for college come fly the world

New Biography & Memoir

Speak, Okinawa : a memoir / Brina, Elizabeth Miki

So-called Norman: a memoir of family, depression and resilience / Henick, Mark

Thaddeus Stevens : Civil War revolutionary, fighter for racial justice / Levine, Bruce C.

Mr. Humble and Dr. Butcher : a monkey’s head, the Pope’s neuroscientist, and the quest to transplant the soul / Schillace, Brandy

New Nonfiction by Dewey Decimal #

Think again : the power of knowing what you don’t know / Grant, Adam M.
153.42 GRANT

Midnight in Cairo : the divas of Egypt’s roaring ’20s / Cormack, Raphael
305.4096 CORMA

Fourteen (talks) by (age) fourteen : the essential conversations you need to have with your kids before they start high school – and how (best) to have them / Icard, Michelle
306.874 ICARD

Blood gun money : how America arms gangs and cartels / Grillo, Ioan
363.3309 GRILL

We own this city : a true story of crime, cops, and corruption / Fenton, Justin
364.1323 FENTO

The ten year war : Obamacare and the unfinished crusade for universal coverage
Cohn, Jonathan
368.382 COHN

The price you pay for college : an entirely new road map for the biggest financial decision your family will ever make / Lieber, Ron
378.106 LIEBE

Come fly the world : the jet-age story of the women of Pan Am / Cooke, Julia
387.742 COOKE

Breath taking : the power, fragility, and future of our extraordinary lungs / Stephen, Michael J.
612.24 STEPH

Burn : new research blows the lid off how we really burn calories, lose weight, and stay healthy
Pontzer, Herman
612.39 PONTZ

Count down : how our modern world is threatening sperm counts, altering male and female reproductive development, and imperiling the future of the human race / Swan, Shanna H.
612.6 SWAN

The plague cycle : the unending war between humanity and infectious disease / Kenny, Charles
614.49 KENNY

Kill shot : a shadow industry, a deadly disease / Dearen, Jason
616.82 DEARE

The problem of Alzheimer’s : how science, culture, and politics turned a rare disease into a crisis and what we can do about it / Karlawish, Jason
616.8311 KARLA

Craft : an American history / Adamson, Glenn
680.973 ADAMS

Masterpiece : America’s 50-year-old love affair with British television drama
West, Nancy Martha
791.4572 WEST

Dare to make history : chasing a dream and fighting for equity / Lamoureux-Davidson, Jocelyne
796.962 LAMOU

The book of unconformities : speculations on lost time / Raffles, Hugh
930.14 RAFFL

Red line : the unraveling of Syria and America’s race to destroy the most dangerous arsenal in the world Warrick, Joby
956.9104 WARRI

The spymaster of Baghdad : a true story of bravery, family, and patriotism in the battle against ISIS / Coker, Margaret
956.70414 COKER

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