New Nonfiction March 11, 2021

Posted: March 12, 2021

Book of Moods The Sum of Us Three Mothers Work Won't Love You Back Two Truths and a Lie Spacefarers Soul City

New Biography & Memoir

I’m not holding your coat: my bruises-and-all memoir of punk rock rebellion / Barile, Nancy

Hill women : finding family and a way forward in the Appalachian Mountains / Chambers, Cassie

Want Me / Clark-Flory, Tracy

The last queen : Elizabeth II’s seventy year battle to save the House of Windsor
Irving, Clive

Vibrate higher : a rap story / Kweli, Talib

Nonfiction by Dewey Decimal #

A brief history of artificial intelligence : what it is, where we are, and where we are going
Wooldridge, Michael J
006.3 WOOLD

The book of moods : how I turned my worst emotions into my best life / Martin, Lauren
152.4 MARTI

A most peculiar book : the inherent strangeness of the Bible / Swenson, Kristin M.
220.6 SWENS

Spiritual practices of Jesus : learning simplicity, humility, and prayer with Luke’s earliest readers
Wright, Catherine J.
226.406 WRIGH

Companions in the darkness : seven saints who struggled with depression and doubt
Gruver, Diana
248.8625 GRUVE

A concise guide to the Quran : answering thirty critical questions / Ibrahim, Ayman S.

Under a white sky : the nature of the future / Kolbert, Elizabeth
304.28 KOLBE

The conversation : how seeking and speaking the truth about racism can radically transform individuals and organizations : a science-based approach
Livingston, Robert W.
305.8 LIVIN

The sum of us : what racism costs everyone and how we can prosper together
McGhee, Heather C.
305.8 McGHE

Anti racist ally : an introduction to action & activism / Williams, Sophie
305.8 WILLI

The overly honest teacher : parenting advice from the classroom / Essalat, Meredith

The three mothers : how the mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin shaped a nation / Tubbs, Anna Malaika
306.8743 TUBBS

Solemn reverence : the separation of church and state in American life
Balmer, Randall Herbert
322.109 BALME

The devil you know : a Black power manifesto / Blow, Charles M.
323.1196 BLOW

Middle Way: How three Presidents shaped America’s role in the world
Derek Chollet
327.73 CHOLL

Kill switch : the rise of the modern Senate and the crippling of American democracy
Jentleson, Adam
328.7307 JENTL

Work won’t love you back : how devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited, exhausted, and alone
Jaffe, Sarah

331.2 JAFFE

Credit repair kit for dummies / Bucci, Stephen
332.743 BUCCI

LSAT premium prep
340.076 LSAT

Why the innocent plead guilty and the guilty go free : and other paradoxes of our broken legal system / Rakoff, Jed
345.7301 RAKOF

The puzzle solver : a scientist’s desperate hunt to cure the illness that stole his son
White, Tracie
362.196 WHI

Tangled up in blue : policing the American city / Brooks, Rosa
363.2097 BROOK

How to avoid a climate disaster : the solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need
Gates, Bill
363.7387 GATES

Pure America : eugenics and the making of Modern Virginia
Catte, Elizabeth
363.92 CATTE

Two truths and a lie : a murder, a private investigator, and her search for justice
McGarrahan, Ellen
364.1523 McGAR

Medicare for all : a citizen’s guide / El-Sayed, Abdul
368.426 ELSAY

Japanese made easy / Monane, Tazuko Ajiro
495.6834 MONAN

Basic Korean : learn to speak Korean in 19 easy lessons / Kim, Soohee
495.78 Kim

Cook once, eat all week : 26 weeks of gluten-free, affordable meal prep to preserve your time & sanity / Garcia, Cassy Joy
641.563 GARCI

Pretty punch needle : modern projects, creative techniques, and easy instructions for getting started / Solar, Andie
738.1 SOLAR

The spirit of music : the lesson continues / Wooten, Victor
781.17 WOOTE

Hudson Valley history and mystery / Adamovic, Michael
TRAVEL 917.473 ADAMO 2020

Spacefarers : how humans will settle the Moon, Mars, and beyond / Wanjek, Christopher
919.904 WANJE

Mussolini’s war : Fascist Italy from triumph to collapse 1935-1943 / Gooch, John
940.5345 GOOCH

One Drop: Shifting the lens on race / Blay, Yaba
973.0496 BLAY

Heart of a Great Nation: Timeless Wisdom from Ronald Reagan
973.927 REAGA

Soul City : race, equality, and the lost dream of an American utopia
Healy, Thomas
975.652 HEALY

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