Fiction Audiobooks December 2019

Posted: December 11, 2019

BCD Adeyemi
Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi. Read by Bahni Turpin. 11 discs. 12+ hours.

BCD Baldacci
A Minute to Midnight by David Baldacci. Read by Brittany Pressley and Kyf Brewer. 11 discs. 12 hours.

BCD Black
The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. Read by Caitlin Kelly. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD Cameron
Tom Clancy Code of Honor by Marc Cameron. Read by Scott Brick. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD Mystery Clark
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry by Mary Higgins Clark. Read by January LaVoy. 6 discs. 7 hours.

BCD Cook
Genesis by Robin Cook. Read by George Guidall. 9 discs. 11 hours.

BCD Science Fiction Crichton
The Andromeda Evolution by Michael Crichton and Daniel H. Wilson. Read by Julia Whelan. 8 discs. 10 hours.

BCD Cussler
Final Option by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison. Read by Scott Brick. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD Courtney
All-American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney. Read by Priya Ayyar. 8 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD Mystery Evanovich
Twisted Twenty-Six by Janet Evanovich. Read by Lorelei King 6 discs. 6+ hours.

BCD Evans
Noel Street by Richard Paul Evans. Read by Helene Maksoud. 5 discs.   5+ hours.

BCD Furst
Under Occupation by Alan Furst. Read by Peter Noble. 6 discs. 7+ hours.

BCD Harris
The Second Sleep by Robert Harris. Read by Roy McMillan. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD Jewell
The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. Read by Tamaryn Payne, Bea Holland and Dominic Thorburn.  8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD Khoury
Empire of Lies by Raymond Khoury. Read by Raphael Corkhill. 14 discs. 17+ hours.

BCD Morgenstern
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. Read by Dominic Hoffman with Dion Graham, Bahni Turpin, Fiona Hardingham, Allan Corduner and Jorjeana Marie. 15 discs. 18+ hours.

BCD Patterson
Criss Cross by James Patterson. Read by Andre Blake. 7 discs. 8+ hours.

BCD Preisler
Net Force: dark web by Jerome Preisler and Steve Pieczenik. Read by Jeffrey Kafer. 11 discs. 14+ hours.

BCD Roberts
The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts. Read by Julia Whelan. 11 discs. 14 hours.

BCD Smith
The Siberian Dilemma by Martin Cruz Smith. Read by Jeremy Bobb. 5 discs. 6+ hours.

BCD Stiefvater
Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater. Read by Will Patton. 12 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD Taylor
Exit Fee by Brad Taylor. Read by Rich Orlow. 3 discs. 3+ hours.

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