The History of the New City Library in Documents

While moving temporarily for our current renovation, we re-discovered the archive of our library’s Board of Trustees documentation starting from the library’s founding in 1933. As we digitize these documents, we will make them available on this page with several special highlights.

The Founding of the New City Free Library

On April 1, 1936, a board meeting was held and first established a presence in the local school.

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In April 1936 we were asked to form a Library Committee to extend service to the community. A supervisor (Mrs. Edith Switz), was sent from the Library Extension Division, of the State Education Dept., at Albany to tell us about the plan. 

A National Youth Administration employee would be supplied to take care of the library under the direction of the committee. 

We then organized a committee of seven & started a collection of books, had a “tag day,” in May, to raise funds for new books, & opened the Library to the public in June with an afternoon tea, & a musical program, with two speakers—Mrs. Edith Switz District Supervisor & Mrs. Mary Mowbray Clarke Rockland County Chairman. Miss Rita Pantol was put in charge as librarian, & we attribute a great measure of our success to her good work. 

The library was opened at first only one afternoon a weekly from 2 till 5—but later on it was open two afternoons weekly. 

We have held Card Parties, & illustrated lectures to raise funds for new books, & were fortunate in receiving a large donation of money, & a great many books from residents of New City & the community. 

We hope our library will continue to grow & have the support of the people. 

[Submitted by Mrs. J. Feeley, Secy.] 

Newspaper Articles

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April 23, 1936   View Original  Read Plain Text
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May 13, 1936  View Original  Read Plain Text
May 26, 1936  View Original  Read Plain Text  News Article: PTA Aids Plans Card Party to Aid Library
June 12, 1936  View Original  Read Plain Text

In June 1936, the library was officially opened at the New City school.

"The Founding of the New City Library" was written by acting secretary Sophia M. Youmans.



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September 29, 1936  View Original  Read Plain Text
October 2, 1936   View Original  Read Plain Text News Article: Card Party on Oct. 8 to Raise Fund for New City Library

News Article: Five Rural Libraries Established as Part of N.Y.A. Program

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November 16, 1936  View Original  Read Plain Text News Article: Library Schedule Expanded
February 26, 1937  View Original  Read Plain Text
March 8, 1937  View Original  Read Plain Text
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December 2, 1937  View Original  Read Plain Text
May 12, 1938  View Original  Read Plain Text News Article: 13 New Books Added at New City Library
June 30, 1938  View Original  Read Plain Text