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Movie Series Response

Excellent Thursday 1PM Movie Series. Thank you for showing these films- today's (November 21st) is a "must see" for all high school students as well as folks like us.


 Please provide copies of the Sun-Times Crossword.  Other libraries do.  Thanks so much.


The Sun-Times is the Chicago Sun-Times.  The New City Library does not have a subscription to the print version of the paper.  It is my understanding that the Sun-Times is available online for the previous two weeks from any given date.  This should allow you to access the puzzle on your own.  In the past the library offered copies of The New York Times Crossword, but stopped because of copyright issues. 

Alternate Payment Methods for Fines

I am interested in finding out about being able to pay my fines by debit card.  The Nyack Library has the ability to do this.  It is very silly and frustrating that this service is not available at the New City Library.

Many libraries offer credit and debit card payments (and many don’t).  We will look into what it will take to add the use of credit/debit cards to the library services offered.  If it makes sense for the New City Library to do it, we will work it out so that you and all others will be able to make credit card payments to the library. 

Conversation by the Computers

Computer access appreciated!  I t is impossible to work (I have been here for four consecutive days at different times) and concentrate with staff helping patrons in person and on the phone using very loud voices—also lots of non-library conversations with other workers and patrons.


 We are well aware of the problem.  Others working at the computer stations have also brought it up.  Given the current layout the best we can do is to ask the reference staff to do the best it can to keep their voices as low as is practicable.  Circumstances undoubtedly arise—all too frequently—which require reference staff to raise their voices in order for the person with whom they are speaking to hear what they have to say.   This is even more common—and necessary— with telephone reference assistance.


Staff Kudos

 Several staff members were mentioned by name for providing such wonderful help to a patron that the person wants to nominate them for Librarians of the Year.  The patron felt that the assistance they gave was above and beyond the call of duty.

 We are always pleased to hear about the fine work done by library staff.  The New City Library staff does their utmost to provide the best possible service and usually do.  We are grateful when patrons take the time and make the effort to let us know about such occasions.

Chair Yoga

We will combine four separate suggestions that all express the same comment and request.  Quoting from one of them, “The Chair Yoga Classes with Rochelle Spooner were excellent.  I hope you can have her return for another series of classes.

Thanks to all of you for your endorsement of the library-sponsored program and your expression of interest in having it continue.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Community Relations staff will make arrangements to offer the class as soon as arrangements can be made with Ms. Spooner.

Security Guard

Submission orginally receieve on 10/11/2013:

The library should have an unarmed security guard (20 hours per week) who covers the lobby and outside the front door.  Perhaps about 2 hours before closing time yesterday I noticed a possible harassment of a youth who was leaving the library at about 8:30 p.m.  The part-time security guard, in my opinion, should be hired immediately.  The guard being there would help a situation like that.  Thanks.   


Thank you for the suggestion.  This is a relatively rare situation, but we take it seriously.  If there is ever a threat to a patron or a staff member, the library staff always has the option to call the Clarkstown police, who are a few blocks away.  Also the library will review its security procedures to see what steps can be taken to ensure the safety and security of all users and staff.  Because there have been so few instances of harassment or whatever untoward or threatening behavior it does not justify the expense of an unarmed security guard at this time.  

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