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New Teen Fiction Books August 7, 2020

Posted: August 7, 2020

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust Having grown up in near total isolation because her ungloved touch instantly kills any creature, Soraya regards herself as a monster who is rightfully confined to her chambers and rose garden—until, against her better judgment, she is drawn to Azad, a magnetic newcomer in the court of her twin […]

New Teen Books August 1, 2020

Posted: July 31, 2020

Graphic Novels Tempest Tossed (Wonder Woman) by Laurie Halse Anderson and Leila Del Duca When raft-borne refugees are blown into Themyscira’s seas on Princess Diana’s sixteenth Born Day, she attempts to help them and is swept away from her home, unable to return. A stint in a refugee camp results in her relocation to Queens, […]

New Teen Fiction Books July 31, 2020

Posted: July 31, 2020

Home Home by Lisa Allen-Agostini Relocated against her will from Trinidad to Canada when she is hospitalized for depression, a homesick teen struggles through cultural adjustments. A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown Two teens, destined to destroy each other, are caught up in romance, palace intrigue, and magic. A Breath Too […]

New Teen Books July 27,2020

Posted: July 27, 2020

Fiction Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo Told in verse by two half-sisters after their father dies in a plane crash revealing their existence to each other and the secret life their father led. The Summer of Impossibilities by Rachael Allen Forced to spend time together at a lake house while their best-friend mothers […]

New Teen Books July 14, 2020

Posted: July 14, 2020

The Burning by Laura Bates There’s nothing to trace Anna back to her old life. Nothing to link her to the ‘incident’. At least that’s what she thinks, until the whispers start up again. The Sky is Mine by Amy Beashel For older YA patrons looking for a story packed with teen problems and angst, […]

New Teen Books July 13, 2020

Posted: July 13, 2020

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulose In small-town Georgia, being a magicker is only slightly more acceptable than being gay, which makes things very difficult for high schooler Sam, who is both. Nowhere on Earth by Nick Lake Discovering a lost child wandering in the woods, a 16-year-old runaway learns that the boy is not from […]

New Teen Books July 10, 2020

Posted: July 10, 2020

Girl, Unframed by Deb Caletti A riveting, meticulously plotted mystery with plenty of drama. They Went Left by Monica Hesse Zofia, liberated from a WWII concentration camp, has trouble remembering things, like the last time she saw her younger brother, Abek, but she knows he is all she has left and that she needs to […]

New Teen Books July 3, 2020

Posted: July 3, 2020

Fiction: Brown Girl Ghosted by Mintie Das When the school bully is murdered, Violet Choudhury is tasked with finding her killer. As one of the few kids of color in her small Illinois town, Violet works hard to blend in. The Year After You by Nina De Pass Cara has survived a car accident that […]

New Teen Books June 26, 2020

Posted: June 26, 2020

All the Pretty Things by Emily Arsenault   For Ivy, summer means roller-coaster season, spinning cotton candy at the Fabuland amusement park, and hanging out with her best friend, Morgan. But this summer is different when one of their classmates turns up dead.  For mystery fans   My Long List of Impossible Things by Michelle […]