Nonfiction Audiobooks October 2018

Posted: September 28, 2018

BCD B Brennan-Jobs
Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Read by Eileen Stevens. 10 discs. 12 hours.

BCD B Capone
Scarface and the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the battle for Chicago by Max Allen Collins. Read by Stefan Rudnicki, with the author and A. Brad Schwartz. 15 discs. 18+ hours.

BCD B Gordievsky
The Spy and the Traitor: the treatest espionage story of the Cold War by Ben MacIntyre. Read by John Lee. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD B Hersh
Reporter by Seymour M. Hersh. Read by Arthur Morey. 11 discs. 14 hours.

BCD B Horace
The Black and the Blue: a cop reveals the crimes, racism, and injustice in America’s law enforcement by Matthew Horace. Read by the author. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD B McCain
The Restless Wave by John McCain and Mark Salter. Read by Beau Bridges with an introduction and conclusion read by the author. 11 discs. 14 hours.

BCD B Persico
Carmine the Snake: Carmine Persico and his murderous Mafia family by Frank DiMatteo and Michael Benson. Read by Johnny Heller. 7 discs. 8+ hours.

BCD B Smarsh
Heartland: a memoir of working hard and being broke in the richest country on earth by Sarah Smarsh. Read by the author. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD B Starr
They Fought Alone: the true story of the Starr brothers, British secret agents in Nazi-occupied France by Charles Glass. Read by Allan Corduner. 8 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD 322.4209 Stallw
Black Klansman: race, hate, and the undercover investigation of a lifetime by Ron Stallworth. Read by the author. 5 discs. 6 hours.

BCD 327.7304 McFaul
From Cold War to Hot Peace: an American ambassador in Putin’s Russia by Michael McFaul. Read by L.J. Ganser. 17 discs. 21 hours.

BCD 332.642 Tanner
Stock Market Cash Flow: four pillars of investing for thriving in today’s market by Andy Tanner. Forward by Robert Kiyosaki. Read by the author. 6 discs. 7+ hours.

BCD 332.7 Daven
Your Score: an insider’s secrets to understanding, controlling, and protecting your credit score by Anthony Davenport with Matthew Rudy. Read by Qarie Marshall. 5 discs. 6+ hours.

BCD 362.2909 Macy
Dopesick: dealers, doctors and the drug company that addicted America by Beth Macy. Read by the author. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD 362.8297 Ricca
Mrs. Sherlock Holmes: the true story of New York City’s greatest female detective and the 1917 missing girl case that captivated a nation by Brad Ricca. Read by David Bendena. 10 discs. 12+ hours.

BCD 364.1523 Wiehl
Hunting Charles Manson: the quest for justice in the days of helter skelter by Lis Wiehl with Caitlin Rother. Read by Michelle Lasley. 8 discs. 8+ hours.

BCD 365.973 Bauer
America Prison: a reporter’s undercover journey into the business of punishment by Shane Bauer. Read by James Fouhey, with an introduction read by the author. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD 523.01 Tyson
Accessory to War: the unspoken alliance between astrophysics and the military by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Read by Courtney B. Vance with a prologue read by the author. 15 discs. 18+ hours.

BCD 629.222 Burns
Autonomy: the quest to build the driverless car and how it will reshape our world by Lawrence D. Burns and Christopher Shulgan. Read by George Newbern. 9 discs. 11+ hours.

BCD 821.912 Eliot
The Poems of T.S. Eliot. Read by Jeremy Irons with Eileen Atkins. 4 discs. 3+ hours.

BCD 941.081 Dec
The Husband Hunters: American heiresses who married into the British aristocracy by Anne De Courcy. Read by Clare Corbett. 9 discs. 11+ hours.

BCD 973.932 Woodw
Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward. Read by Robert Petkoff. 10 discs. 12 hours.