March Fiction Audiobooks

Posted: March 8, 2018

BCD Beard
The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard. Read by Xe Sands. 7 discs. 8+ hours.

BCD Bloom
White Houses by Amy Bloom. Read by Tonya Cornelisse. 6 discs. 6+ hours.

BCD Bracht
White Chrysanthemum by Mary Lynn Bracht. Read by Greta Jung. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD Mystery Bradley
The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place by C. Alan Bradley. Read by Jayne Entwistle. 8 discs. 10 hours.

MP3 Chiaverini
Enchantress of Numbers by Jennifer Chiaverini. Read by Virginia Leishman. 2 discs. 20 hours.

BCD Couch
Act of Revenge by Dick Couch. Read by Will Damron. 10 discs. 12 hours.

BCD Gardiner
Into the Black Nowhere by Meg Gardiner. Read by Hillary Huber. 10 discs. 12 hours.

BCD Grippando
A Death in Live Oak by James Grippando. Read by Jonathan Davis. 10 discs. 12 hours.

BCD Hannah
The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. Read by Julia Whelan. 12 discs. 15+ hours.

MP3 Higgins
Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins. Read by Xe Sands. One disc. 11 hours.

BCD Kleypas
Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. Read by Mary Jane Wells. 8 discs. 10 hours.

BCD Krentz
Promise Not to Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz. Read by Susan Bennett. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD Lescroart
Poison by John T. Lescroart. Read by Jacques Roy. 9 discs. 10 hours.

BCD Mystery Lippman
Sunburn by Laura Lippman. Read by Susan Bennett. 8 discs. 9 hours.

MP3 Mantel
Fludd by Hilary Mantel. Read by Gordon Griffin. One disc. 6+ hours.

MP3 Mantel
The Giant, O’Brien by Hilary Mantel. Read by Patrick Moy. One disc. 6+ hours.

BCD Matthews
The Kremlin’s Candidate by Jason Matthews. Read by Jeremy Bobb. 15 discs. 17+ hours.

BCD Moyes
Still Me by Jojo Moyes. Read by Anna Acton. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD Mystery Robb
Dark in Death by J.D. Robb. Read by Susan Ericksen. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD Rothman-Zecher
Sadness is a White Bird by Moriel Rothman-Zecher. Read by Neil Shah. 7 discs. 8 hours.

BCD Silvis
Only the Rain by Randall Silvis. Read by Eric G. Dove. 5 discs. 5+ hours.

BCD Steel
Fall From Grace by Danielle Steel. Read by Luis Moreno. 8 discs. 9+ hours.