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Be Part of the Library Picture

The West Nyack and New City Library budget referendum is up for a vote on Thursday December 9, 2010.  It is hoped that you will turn out to vote on this important budget at this important time in our history.

West Nyack and the New City Library circulated over 800,000 items last year.  As the below chart shows there has been a steady increase in circulation for the past three years.   In fact it is a 17% increase and in just the current year-to-date there is a 14.7% increase over last year.  

Library Circulaton

I encourage you to be a part of the picture by visiting our libraries often both online and in person and be sure to turn out and vote on the New City and West Nyack Library’s budget referendum on December 9, 2010.   The New City Library budget can be found here.

The number of people visiting the library has similarly increased.  Over 350,000 visits were made to the New City Library last year.  This is enough people to fill Yankee Stadium five times over.  This is an 8% increase over two years ago.   The difference in percentage increase between visits and circulation tells me that we are doing a good job in providing you our customers with the materials you want with over 195,000 items of the New City Library.


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Budget vote and Trustee elections

When on December 9 can I vote on the budget? When on December 9 can I vote for trustees?