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New Music Releases November, 2010

Arjona.  Poquita Ropa                                                                              Q ARJO PR W18

Bareilles, Sara.  Kaleidoscope Heart                                                           MA BARE KH E35

Bingham, Ryan.  Junky Star                                                                      MC BING JS L99

Branch, Michelle.  Everything Comes and Goes                                          MC BRAN ECA W87

Burke, Solomon.  Nothing’s Impossible                                                     R&B BURK NI E86

Casting Crows.  Altar and the Door                                                          MG CAST AAT P17

Cole, Paula.  Ithaca                                                                                   MR COLE ITH D16

Collins, Phil.  Going Back                                                                           MR COLL GB A41

Currington, Billy.  Enjoy Yourself                                                               MC CURR EY M19

Disturbed.  Asylum                                                                                   MR DIST ASY R64

Doobie Brothers.    World Gone Crazy                                                       MR DOOB WGC H62

Fantasia.  Back To Me                                                                               R&B FANT BTM J28

Flowers, Brandon.  Flamingo                                                                     MR FLOW FLA I77

Gershwin, George.  Gershwin                                                                    GP GERS GER D89

Goo Goo Dolls.  Something For the Rest of Us                                          MR GOO SFT W54

Gray, David.  Foundling                                                                            MA GRAY FOU M93

Heart.  Red Velvet Car                                                                             MR HEAR RVC L00

Interpol.  Interpol                                                                                   MR INTE INT M45

Jennings, Lyfe.  I Still Believe                                                                  R&B JENN ISB J43

Lang, Lang.  Live In Vienna                                                                     GP LANG LIV S00

Lewis, Jerry Lee.  Mean Old Man                                                             MR LEWI MOM V91

Linkin Park.  A Thousand Suns                                                               MR LINK ATS W33

Maroon 5.  Hands All Over                                                                      MR MARO HAO A99

Monheit, Jane.  Home                                                                             MJ MONH HOM E15

Part, Arvo.  Symphony No. 4                                                                  ES PART SNF E30

Plant, Robert.  Band of Joy                                                                    MR PLAN BOJ R99  

Prokofiev.  (Vilde Frang – Violin).  Violin Concerto                                   EA PROK VC E26

Rachmaninov.  Piano Concerto No. 3                                                      GP RACH PCN M05

Robyn.  Body Talk, Pt. 2                                                                         MR ROBY BTT K65

Santana.  Guitar Heaven                                                                         MR SANT GH A64

Selway, Philip.  Familial                                                                            MR SELW FAM N56

Soundgarden.  Telephantasm                                                                  MR SOUN TEL A29

Staples, Mavis.  You Are Not Alone                                                          MG STAP YAN A76

Swift, Taylor.  Speak Now                                                                        MC SWIF SN B97

Usher.  Versus                                                                                          MR USHE VER L35

Various.  Now 35                                                                                     MR COLL NOW35 C72

Various.  My Country – Smash Hits                                                          MC COLL MC E08

Various.  Eat Pray Love (Film Soundtrack)                                                 L COLL EPL M93

Weezer.  Hurley                                                                                        MR WEEZ HUR E26

Zac Brown Band.  You Get What You Give                                                 MC ZAC YGW A36

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