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Holding Patterns

Don’t miss another book being held because of a business trip or vacation.  Did you know you can suspend the material on your request list, not lose your place in the queue and select the date you wish to reactivate the list?  This ability not only avoids missed requests but also allows you to have some control over when your requests arrive.  This might offset the ‘when it rains it pours’ lament.  I set my fiction titles a week or so apart, but that’s just me.

It’s really easy, and now that you’re on our website you’re halfway there.   Go up to ‘My Account,’ click on ‘Holds Requests’ then click in the little box to the left of the title(s) you want to suspend; if you’re going away select all the titles.  Then choose the date to reactivate, and click on Change Status.  Circulation staff can do it for you at the library or call (ext 124) and we’ll do it or walk you through the process.

Hold notification is available by Text Message (text fees apply) or Email.  Sign up for either service at the Circulation desk, or apply for Email online; there’s a tab for that and it’s ‘My Account,’ then choose switch to email notification’ and fill out and submit the form.  The choice is yours; we really don’t want you to miss another request.

‘Automatically Yours’ members should let Theresa know (ext. 135) when you won’t be available to pick up holds.  Titles are added to your list all the time and she can suspend the newest titles for you. 


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