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It's a Wrap!

In use since March, our remodeled Circulation Department still surprises many customers who use the library infrequently.  Now reserved material pick-up is self-service.  Items are wrapped for privacy and requests are shelved alphabetically by your last name.  We include the first three letters of your first name to differentiate those with the same last name.  There isn’t room to print your full first name and we won’t use any personal information relating to your account number.  You’ll quickly become familiar with the general area where your books are located.  Take it to one of our express self checkouts for fast service.  We are so pleased that many of you use the machines which then make it possible for staff to complete other circulation tasks or resolve customer concerns.

The self checkout might direct you to the Circulation Desk if you have overdue material, if your card needs to be updated (a yearly event), if fees are above allowed thresholds or if the hold is not in your name.   For questions about your account please speak to a staff member.

Those of you who are signed up for email notification of holds (a great service) may have noticed how quickly notices are sent.  Accounts are updated three times a day, so if a hold comes in at 2pm you’ll be notified about 3:30, if another hold comes in later in the day you’ re notified in the evening.  Services are constantly being added – I’ll let you know as soon as the next one is available for you.   In wrapping up, the Circulation Department says thanks to all our great customers for trying something new.


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