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It's summer!  Are you ready?  (Me neither.)  But the 4th of July is nearly upon us, and luckily, the romance collection stands ready to get us into a patriotic mood.  This month, I thought we'd return to our survey of historical romances with a look at the American Old West.  After all, what says "independence" better than a cowboy? 

The period of westward expansion during latter 19th and early 20th centuries has captured the romantic imagination more than any other period in American history.  It's not surprising; from a Romance perspective, the West has got it all: tall tales, rugged men, and strong women.  Majestic mountains, sweeping vistas, and skies glittering with stars.  The promise of riches, cultures in conflict, and men in black hats.  The pioneer spirit, taming a wild land with nothing but human strength and wits.  Civilization overcoming lawlessness.  The shining promise of the Industrial Age. 

So... are you ready for a taste of independence?  Saddle up, ladies, we're headed for the frontier!  HYAH!

Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson (LP Anderson)
Maggie's Mistake by Carolyn Brown (Fiction Brown)
A Season in Eden by Megan Chance (LP Chance)
A Midwife Crisis by Lisa Cooke (PbkRomance Cooke)
Eden by Carolyn Davidson (PbkRomance Davidson)
The Loner by Geralyn Dawson (PbkRomance Dawson)
Savage Dawn by Cassie Edwards (PbkRomance Edwards)
Leaving Whiskey Bend by Dorothy Garlock (PbkRomance Garlock)
Thin Moon and Cold Mist by Kathleen O'Neal Gear (Fiction Gear)
Diablo by Georgina Gentry (PbkRomance Gentry)
Never Love a Lawman by Jo Goodman (PbkRomance Goodman)
Someone like You by Leigh Greenwood (PbkRomance Greenwood)
The Touch of Fire by Linda Howard (PbkRomance Howard)
All I Need Is You by Johanna Lindsey (Fiction Lindsey)
Beautiful Dreamer by Elizabeth Lowell (Fiction Lowell)
Destiny's Captive by Kate Lyon (PbkRomance Lyon)
Renegade Riders by Dawn MacTavish (PbkRomance MacTavish)
The Man from Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller (Fiction Miller)
A Woman Called Sage by DiAnn Mills (PbkRomance Mills)
Chances by Pamela Nowak (Fiction Nowak)
Nora by Diana Palmer (LP Palmer)
Land of my Heart by Tracie Peterson (Fiction Peterson)
Forgiving by LaVyrle Spencer (Fiction Spencer)
Her Colorado Man by Cheryl St. John (PbkRomance St. John)
The Lone Texan by Jodi Thomas (PbkRomance Thomas)
Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner (Fiction Warner)
Home Mountain by Jeanne Williams (LP Williams)
The Outsider by Penelope Williamson (Fiction Williamson)
The Northern Devil by Diane Whiteside (PbkRomance Whiteside)
Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson (PbkRomance Whitson)

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