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New City Library has joined the Library Ideas’ Network that offers access to songs from Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists.

The service will allow New City Customers to increase the size and diversity of its collection by offering access to hundreds of thousands of songs.

Under the terms of the agreement, registered card holders of the New City Library can download a select number of Sony Music tracks in the MP3 format each month at no direct cost via this download music link.  Originally advertised as allowing 10 downloads per week, the immediate popularity of the service required us to reduce it to 5 downloads per week per customer.  The New City Library is the first in New York State to provide this innovative service.  Other libraries participating in the launch include the Maricopa County Library District (AZ), Orange County Public Library (FL), Nashville Public Library (TN) and Fairfield Public Library (CT).

“We have been waiting a long time for a service like this that delivers great music, compatibility with lots of devices and simplicity of use.  We think this will be incredibly popular with our customers,” said Chuck McMorran, Director

“Sony Music has an incredibly expansive and popular catalog and we are really excited to partner with them on this, a very important product for libraries,” said Brian Downing, co-founder of Library Ideas.  “A library is a focal point of the community that requires many tools to excite people about library resources.  More than anything, that is the reason for the service.”



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I just wanted to thank the

I just wanted to thank the New City Library for offering such an innovative and very much appreciated service to its customers. I have very much enjoyed the offering of Freegal and wish the program great success. 

Downloadable music

Even though I use New City as my main library, I am a Finkelstein card holder. I tried to us this to access Sony music. But could not get in.

Do you know if one day my card will be ok to use?



Downloadable music

Thank you for asking about the downloadable music.  Currently, we are able to offer it only to New City cardholders.  Please inquire at your home library to see if this is a service they might like to offer.

yessss!!! no cost?!?!? i love


no cost?!?!?

i love this library!