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Playing and Planning with Words

The New City Library is beginning the process of writing a five- year plan of service.   One important element is to look at the Library’s Mission and Vision Statements.   The Library’s current mission statement is five paragraphs long and contrary to current business practice of having something concise and easily known. In working with the staff of the New City Library, the new mission statement being proposed is:   ”The mission of the New City Library is to inspire ideas, enrich lives and create community”.   I would like to hear from you on this matter and would be interested in your opinion.

As per a Vision Statement, we are a little less clear.  One suggestion is:  “Open to All.”  First and foremost it speaks to American values of being open to all people.   It also suggests that the library will be open to all ideas, thoughts, concepts and points of view.  Open to All also reflects a sense of being open to change and listening to our community as to how we can improve our library.

You will be hearing more about this in coming weeks.  Click on the comment button below and share your thoughts. 

 Thank you. 


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I realize that the mission of

I realize that the mission of the library has become much more than lending books, but I believe the mission statement should include something about books/reading.