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NonFiction Audiobooks for March


BCD B Agassi

     Open : an autobiography by Andre Agassi and J.R. Moehringer.  Read by Erik Davies.  15 discs.  18 hours.   


BCD B Eggers

     A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. Read by Dion Graham. 12 discs. 13+ hours. 

 "…recounting of the loss of his parents. Barely out of college, Eggers is responsible for the care of his eight-year-old brother, Toph. Together they relocate from the Midwest to Berkeley, where their sister Beth is in law school. Young, eager, full of himself, Eggers teams up with like-minded pals in the media-crazed early 90s to create the satirical magazine Might, while also making sure he's there for Toph's Little League games and parent/teacher conferences. Eggers voices the classic youthful assumption that the world belongs (or should belong) to him. From anyone else this might be incredibly annoying, but so much is tongue-in-cheek in this work. Not just for the MTV-fan age group, this is a very entertaining, well-written book."     Booklist 1/1/00


BCD B Palin

     Going Rogue: an American life by Sarah Palin and Lynn Vincent. Read by the author. 7 discs. 8 hours.   


BCD B Rand

     Ayn Rand and the World She Made by Anne C. Heller. Read by Bernadette Dunne. 16 discs. 19+ hours.

 Read by the authors. 5 discs. 6 hours.


BCD B Swayze

     Time of My Life: Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi. Read by the authors. 5 discs. 6 hours.  


 BCD 303.4 Heath

     Switch: how to change things when change is hard by Chip Heath. Read by Charles Kahlenberg. 6 discs. 6+ hours.


BCD 330.951 Naisbitt

     China’s Megatrends: the 8 pillars of a new society by John Naisbitt and doris Naisbitt. Read by Lloyd James. 8 discs. 9+ hours .

"…tells a compelling story of a country that is maturing in hyperdrive and can concentrate on economics partially because it isn't distracted by election cycles and national soul searching. The book runs down the eight "pillars" of a new society, the strategic moves that have maneuvered China forward, and examines Chinese values, artistic and intellectual ferment, freedom and fairness, media and the swift changes that have brought a country in which wealth was unthinkable and education derided into a place that values entrepreneurism and boasts a business school enrollment comparable to middle-income countries."     Publishers Weekly 11/2/09



BCD 33.973 Sorkin

     Too Big to Fail: the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system from crisis—and themselves by Andrew Ross Sorksen. Read by William Hughes. 17 discs. 21 hours.

 "This blow-by-blow narrative centers on the near implosion of Wall Street in September 2008. Sorkin, chief mergers and acquisitions reporter at the New York Times, concentrates his story on Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Merrill Lynch. With these and other financial firms at risk, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, other government officials, and hundreds of bankers scrambled to avoid what they thought could be financial Armageddon. From hundreds of interviews and other sources, Sorkin constructs a detailed account of the meetings, phone calls, and even the thoughts of the participants, depicting scenes of bankers and government officials under extreme stress as Lehman went bankrupt, Merrill merged with Bank of America, and AIG became essentially a ward of the government."     Library Journal 11/23/09


BCD 636.7 Franklin

     The Wolf in the Parlor: the eternal connection between humans and dogs by Jon Franklin. Read by George Wilson. 9 discs. 11+ hours.


BCD 650.1 Buffett     

     Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets: proven tools for personal and business success by Mary Buffett and David Clark.  Read by Mary buffett.  2 discs.  2+ hours.


 BCD 650.14 Ryan

     Over 40 and You’re Hired: secrets to landing a great job by Robin Ryan. Read by the author. 5 discs. 5 hours. 

 "…authoritative advice for the over-40 job hunter, and in the process supplies tips that would be useful for anyone (or everyone, these days) looking for work. Addressing those entering the job market after a hiatus-those recently laid off from a long-term position or who have been staying home with children- she cautions, "Times have changed, and you must, too." With suggestions gleaned from a survey of 600 hiring managers across the country, Ryan emphasizes the computer and Internet proficiencies universally demanded, shares tools for job searching online, advises job candidates to get a makeover to look more professional, and-in the book's most useful sections-shows how to fine-tune a resume (she advises that each resume and cover letter be tailored to the particular job and that the job title be explicitly listed in a "career objective" line). Her suggestions are candid, sensible, and refreshingly specific. With actual examples of resumes and cover letters, a resume quiz and a companion Web site with salary tools and other online resources, this book is essential reading for job seekers."     Publishers Weekly 11/16/09 


BCD 791.447 NPR

     NPR Road Trips: national park adventure. Host, Noah Adams. Selections originally broadcast between 2/28/05 and 7/4/08. 1 disc. 1+ hour. 

 "Hazards, wonders, and famed and lesser-known legends fascinate in this compilation of interviews and narrated descriptions of the country’s most treasured and most obscure national parks…A variety of voices treats the listener to such marvels as the ghost of White Sands National Monument, the road kill expert at Yosemite, the park ranger hired to preserve the national parks' unique fauna sounds, the Grand Canyon donkey wrangler, the race to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite, and the canine hired to nose out venomous snakes in the Everglades. This colorful collection never ceases to amaze and inspire."     Audiofile 9/09








Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets: proven tools for personal and business success

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