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The color red is popping up everywhere.  Chocolatiers and florists are stocking up on heart-shaped boxes and long-stemmed red roses.  Stores are cramming their shelves full of foil hearts and teddies.  Greeting card store owners are rubbing their hands together with glee.  Yes, the Big Holiday approaches... V-Day

As a romance blogger facing my first Valentine's Day posting, I've been feeling the pressure.  Love or hate the holiday, everyone will have romance on their minds to some extent-- what to write?  Then it occurred to me: I'm not the only one stressing about this holiday.  Lonely hearts (or perfectly content singles) have the strain of being solo on a holiday for couples.  Couples are under pressure to be romantic on demand (and since when does Cupid ever stick to a schedule?).  I scanned my shelves.  Could there be an antidote for all this stress? 

My eye happened to fall upon Julia Quinn's What Happens in London, and I had my answer: humor!  A good cry may be cathartic, but there's nothing like a good laugh for stress relief.  Whether you're currently in a relationship or laughing at love, anyone can appreciate a nice romantic comedy.  Here, then, is my valentine to all of you: a selection of romances old and new to tickle your funny bone and bring tears to your eyes-- tears of laughter!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Comical Contemporaries:
Connie Brockway.  Skinny Dipping (PbkRomance Brockway)
Christie Craig. Divorced, Desperate and Deceived (PbkRomance Craig)
Jennifer Crusie. Faking It (Fiction Crusie)
Julia Harper. For the Love of Pete (PbkRomance Harper)
Jane Heller. Female Intelligence (Fiction Heller)
Kristan Higgins. Just One of the Guys (PbkRomance Higgins)
Sandra Hill.  So Into You (PbkRomance Hill)
Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  Natural Born Charmer (Fiction Phillips)
Vicki Lewis Thompson. My Nerdy Valentine (PbkRomance Thompson)
Nancy Warren.  The One I Want (PbkRomance Warren)

Hilarious Historicals:
Kathryn Caskie. Rules of Engagement (PbkRomance Caskie)
Georgette Heyer.  The Grand Sophy (Fiction Heyer)
Kathryne Kennedy.  My Unfair Lady (PbkRomance Kennedy)
Janet Mullany.  The Rules of Gentility (Fiction Mullany)
Julia Quinn. What Happens in London (PbkRomance Quinn)

Mirthful Mysteries:
Janet Evanovich. Naughty Neighbor (PbkRomance Evanovich)
Julie Garwood.  Slow Burn (Fiction Garwood)
Linda Howard.  Drop Dead Gorgeous (PbkRomance Howard)
Julie Kenner. The Spy Who Loves Me (PbkRomance Kenner)
Robin Wells.  How to Score (PbkRomance Wells)

Silly Supernaturals:
Marta Acosta.  Happy Hour at Casa Dracula (Fiction Acosta)
MaryJanice Davidson. Betsy the Vampire Queen (Fiction Davidson)
Rachel Gibson. Not Another Bad Date (PbkRomance Gibson)
Karen Kelley.  Double Dating with the Dead (PbkRomance Kelley)
Katie Macalister, et al.  My Zombie Valentine (PbkRomance My) (COMING SOON!)

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