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September Fiction Audiobooks 2017

BCD Abbott
by Jeff Abbott. Read by various readers.  10 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Bardugo
     WonderWoman: Warbringer
by Leigh Bardugo.  10 discs.  12 hours.   Read by Mozhan Marno.

BCD Black
by Saul Black.  Read by Christina Delaine.  11 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD  Brown
     Watch Me Disappear
by Janelle Brown.  Read by Tavia Gilbert with Kaleo Griffith.  11 discs.  13+ hours.
BCD Chase
      The Wildling Sisters
by Eve Chase. Read by Clare Corbett and Emilia Fox.  9 discs.  11 hours.

BCD Mystery Connelly
    The Late Show
by Michael Connelly.  Read by Katherine Moennig.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Cook
by Robin Cook.  Read by George Guidall.  10 discs.  13 hours.

BCD Fowley-Doyle
     Spellbook of the Lost and Found
by Moira Fowley-Doyle.  Read by Marisa Calin, Colby Minifie and Saskia Maarleveld.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Gregory
     The Last Tudor
by Philippa Gregory.  Read by Bianca Amato.  15 discs.  18 hours.

BCD Healy
     The Sisters Chase
by Sarah Healy.  Read by Rebecca Gibel.  8 discs.  9 hours.

     The Bridegroom: stories
by Ha Jin.  Read by Feodor Chin.  6 discs.  7 hours.

BCD Kennedy
     Tornado Weather
by Deborah E. Kennedy.  Read by Cassandra Campbell and Daniel Thomas May.  8 discs.  10 hours.

BCD Mystery MacNeal
     The Paris Spy
by Susan Elia MacNeal.  Read by Susan Duerden.  8 discs.  10 hours.

BCD Meade
      Unquiet Ghosts
by Glenn Meade.  Read by Tom Taylorson and Megan Tusing.  13 discs.  15+ hours.

 BCD Miller
      Little Wrecks
by Meredith Miller.  Read by Khristine Hvam.  7 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD Paris
     The Breakdown
by B.A. Paris.  Read by Georgia Maguire.  8 discs.  9 hours.

BCD Parker
     Room of White Fire
by T. Jefferson Parker.  Read by Will Damron.  9 discs.  11+ hours.

BCD Patterson
       The Moores are Missing: 3 electrifying thrillers
by James Patterson, Loren D. Estleman, and Sam Hawken with  Ed Chatterton.  Read by Karissa Vacker and Maxwell Hamilton.  9 discs.  10+ hours.

BCD Perrotta
     Mrs. Fletche
r by Tom Perrotta.  Read by Carrie Coon and Finn Wittrock.  9 discs.  11 hours.

BCD Phillips
     Fierce Kingdom
by Gin Phillips.  Read by Cassandra Campbell.  7 discs.  8 hours.

BCD Platzer
     Bed-Stuy is Burning
by Brian Platzer.  Read by Donald Corren.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Rinaldi
    The End of Men
by Karen Rinaldi.  Read by Brittany Pressley, Angela Dawe, Rachel Fulginiti, and Allyson Ryan.  7 discs.  8 hours.

BCD Santopolo
     The Light We Lost
by Jill Santopolo.  Read by the author.  6 discs.  7+ hours.

BCD Scottoline
by Lisa Scottoline.  Read by Kate Burton.  8 discs.  9 hours.

BCD Slaughter
      Last Breath
by Karin Slaughter.  Read by Kathleen Early. 4 discs.  4 hours.

BCD Snipes
     Talon of God
by Wesley Snipes and Ray Norman.  Read by Malik Yoba.  10 discs.  11+ hours.

BCD Spindler
      The Other Girl
by Erica Spindler.  Read by Tavia Gilbert.  7 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD Steel
     The Right Time
by Danielle Steel.  Read by Victor Bevine.  8 discs.  9 hours.

BCD Sykes
     Fitness Junkie
by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza.  Read by Susan Bennett.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Tanenbaum
      Without Fear or Favor
by Robert Tanenbaum.  Read by Peter Berkrot.  8 discs.  9+hours.

BCD Walker
     Emma in the Night
by Wendy Walker.  Read by Therese Plummer and Julia Whelan.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Ware
     The Lying Game
by Ruth Ware.  Read by Imogen Church.  11 discs.  11 hours.

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