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Music Releases, May 2017

Adkins, Trace.  Something’s Going On                                                COUN Adki Some

Arjona, Ricardo.  Circo Soledad                                                          WORLD Spani Arjo Circ

Berry, Chuck.  The Definitive Collection                                              ROCK Berr Defi

Berry, Chuck.  The Best of Chuck Berry                                               ROCK Berr Best

Branch, Michelle.  Hopeless Romantic                                                  POP Bran Hope

Chainsmokers.  Memories: Do Not Open                                               ROCK Chai Memo

Childs, Billy.  Rebirth                                                                            JAZZ Chil Rebi

Crow, Sheryl.  Be Myself                                                                       ROCK Crow Be

Dailey & Vincent.  Patriots & Poets                                                       COUN Dail Patr

Dease, Michael.  All These Hands                                                           JAZZ Deas All

Deep Purple.  Infinite                                                                            ROCK Deep Infi

Depeche Mode.  Spirit                                                                           ROCK Depe Spir

Dinnerstein, Simone.  Mozart In Havana                                                CLAS Dinn Moza

Dixon, Colton.  Identity                                                                         INSP Dixo Iden

Evancho, Jackie.  Two Hearts                                                                 CLAS Evan Two

Feek, Joey.  If Not For You                                                                      COUN Feek If

Fleck, Bela.  Juno Concerto                                                                     CLAS Flec Juno

Friesen, David.  Triple Exposure                                                               JAZZ Frie Trip

Furtado, Nelly.  The Ride                                                                         POP Furt Ride

Goldfrapp.  Silver Eye                                                                              ROCK Gold Silv

Graves, Cameron.  Planetary Prince                                                         JAZZ Grav Plan

Grimaud, Helene.  Perspectives                                                                CLAS Grim Pers

Hillsong Young & Free.  Youth Revival                                                      INSP Hill Yout

Hollyn.  One-way Conversations                                                               INSP Holl One

Hope, Daniel.  For Seasons                                                                       CLAS Hope For

John Abercrombie Quartet.  Up and Coming                                             JAZZ Aber Up

Khalid.  American Teen                                                                             R&B Khal Amer

Lamar, Kendrick.  Damn                                                                           RAP Lama Damn

Lang Lang.  Shore-Two Concerti                                                              CLAS Lang Shor

Larsson, Zara.  So Good                                                                            POP Lars So

Liebert, Ottmar.  Slow                                                                              N-Age Lieb Slow

Ma, Yo-Yo.  Bach Trios                                                                              CLAS Ma Bach

Manilow, Barry.  This Is My Town                                                              POP Mani This

Mann, Aimee.  Mental Illness                                                                    ROCK Mann Ment

Marling, Laura.  Semper Femina                                                                FOLK Marl Semp

Mavericks, The.  Brand New Day                                                               COUN Mave Bran

May, Imelda.  Life, Love, Flesh, Blood                                                       ROCK May Life

Mayer, John.  Search For Everything                                                        ROCK MAYE SEAR

Mercyme.  Lifer                                                                                        INSP Merc Life

Nelson, Willie.  God’s Problem Child                                                          COUN Nels God’s

New Pornographers.  White Out Condition                                              ROCK New Whit

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  Fishin’ In the Dark                                               COUN Nitt Fish

Oberst, Conor.  Salutations                                                                     ROCK Ober Salu

Paisley, Brad.  Love and War                                                                    COUN Pais Love

Quatour Voce.  Lettres Intimes                                                               CLAS Coll Lett

Ross, Rick.  Rather You Than Me                                                             RAP ROSS RATH

Shaffer, Paul.  Paul Shaffer & the Most Dangerous Band                         POP Shaf Paul

Shiflett, Chris.  West Coast Town                                                            ROCK Shif West

Turner, Josh.  Deep South                                                                      COUN Turn Deep

Various.  Spamilton                                                                                MUSI Spam



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