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New DVD Titles for October, 2016

THREE DAY DVDS                                                      SECTION

Baba Joon (Foreign Film – Israel)                                     Foreign

Best Man, The (1964 – Henry Fonda)                              Drama

Bigger Splash, A (Tilda Swinton)                                      Drama

Captain America: Civil War                                               Sci-Fi

Central Intelligence (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson)              Comedy

Conjuring 2                                                                   Horror

Darkness, The (Kevin Bacon)                                           Horror

Equals (Kristen Stewart)                                                  Drama

Free State of Jones (Matthew McConaughey)                     Drama

Genius (Nicole Kidman)                                                     Drama

Going Away (Foreign Film – France)                                    Foreign

Innocents, The (Foreign Film – France)                               Foreign

Love & Friendship (Kate Beckinsale)                                     Drama

Ma Ma (Foreign Film – Spain)                                               Foreign

Marauders (Bruce Willis)                                                      Drama

Marguerite (Foreign Film – France)                                        Foreign

Meddler, The (Susan Sarandon)                                           Comedy

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates                                        Comedy

Money Monster (George Clooney)                                         Drama

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (Seth Rogen)                               Comedy

Nina (Zoe Saldana)                                                               Drama

Now You See Me 2                                                              Drama

Popstar:  Never Stop Never Stopping (Andy Samberg)              Comedy

Sea Fog (Foreign Film – Korea)                                               Foreign

Shallows, The (Blake Lively)                                                    Drama

Standing Tall (Foreign Film – France)                                        Foreign


TWO WEEK DVDS                                                               SECTION

American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson                  TV AMER

Big Bang Theory: Season Nine                                               TV BIG SEA9

Blue Bloods: Season Six                                                         TV BLUE SEA6

Boys of ’36, The (Based on “Boys in the Boat”)                         DOC 797.123 BOY

Catch, The: Season One                                                        TV CATC SEA1

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: Season One                              TV CRIM SEA1

CSI: Cyber: Final Season                                                          TV CSI SEA2

Dark Horse                                                                            DOC 798.4 DAR

Doctor Blake Mysteries: Season Two                                          BBC DOCT SEA2

Empire: Season Two                                                               TV EMPI SEA2

Good Wife, The: Seventh and Final Season                                 TV GOOD SEA7

Grimm: Season Five                                                                  TV GRIM SEA5

Law & Order: SVU: 17th Year                                                     TV LAW SEA17

Madam Secretary: Season Two                                                   TV MADA SEA2

Modern Family: Season Seven                                                     TV MODE SEA7

Quantico: Season One                                                               TV QUAN SEA!

Visions of France                                                                        DVD 914.4 Vis

Visions of Germany and Austria                                                     DVD 914.36 Vis

Visions of Greece                                                                       DVD 914.9504 Vis    


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