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Looking for something to stir your spirits on a dark and chilly October night?  You might think that supernatural romances aren't your cup of tea, but ghosts can turn up in almost any type of romance-- from sweets to Gothics to hard-boiled romantic suspense.  As phantom lovers, spectral matchmakers, or the ultimate in unearthly villains, ghosts can add something a little out of the usual way.  If the idea of a haunting romance intrigues you, check out one of these titles!

Kate Angell, Crazy for You (Romance Angell)
Dakota Cassidy, Kiss & Hell (Romance Cassidy)
Allison Chase, Dark Temptation: A novel of Blackheath Moor (Romance Chase)
Jacquie D'Alessandro, Seduced at Midnight (Romance D'Alessandro)
Charles De Lint, The Mystery of Grace (Fantasy De Lint)
Cathy Maxwell, et al., Four Dukes and a Devil (Romance Maxwell)
Heather Graham, Ghost Walk (LP Graham)
Charlaine Harris, et al., Night's Edge (Romance Harris)
Kathryne Kennedy, Enchanting the Beast (Romance Kennedy)
Sophie Kinsella, Twenties Girl (Fiction Kinsella)
Pamela Labud, Spirited Away (Romance Labud)
Allie Mackay, Highlander in Her Bed (Romance Mackay)
Amanda Quick, Wicked Widow (Fiction Quick)
Eugenia Riley, The Phantom of the Bathtub (Romance Riley)
Leanne Shawler, Touched by Time (Romance Shawler)

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