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Better Than Google

Streaming video is content sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. With streaming video or streaming media, a Web user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives. This rather dry definition of streaming video does not begin to describe the wonders of Access Video on Demand.
Access Video On Demand features more than 13,000 videos and 207,000 video segments in eight comprehensive collections.  These eight collections are Home and Family, Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Science, Mathematics and Technology, Careers and Trades, Social Sciences, Health and Wellness and Archival Films and Newsreels. Still not intrigued? You should be. There is really great content here on many topics.  For example, Koch Brothers Exposed, uncovers the political influence behind these billionaires.  In the mood for something less controversial, how about an episode of The Secret Life of Books devoted to Dickens' Great Expectations?  Or, how about a thoughtful Q and A on ethics in the workplace?  These are just three examples of recent additions to Access Video on Demand, and there are thousands of other videos to suit every interest. You can watch the magnificent content featured on American Experience, Frontline, Nova, and Ken Burns. 
Useful skills are featured in Career and Trades, such as learning how to do a Diesel Engine Teardown, or even cutting childrens' hair.  Career advice from a mechanical engineer and a computer system analyst is enlightening and helpful for those seeking to choose or change a career. Performances of plays, operas, ballets, classical piano recitals, popular singers, they are only a click away!
I have only described a tiny fraction of what is available.  There is so much more. You will love the convenience, not only the content, as they are both terrific.  Take a look at the incredible collection and you will become a confirmed Access Video on Demand fan.

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