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Better Than Google

Before you know it, school will be back in session.  As we suffer through the last days of an August heatwave, one can only look forward to the crisp fall days, (especially if you are no longer a student).  If we, at the library, can help ease the pain, and get you into an academic mind set, I suggest trying our fabulous database Bloom's Literature.  Some of you may remember that we added it to our database collection last year, but if you don't know about it, here are the facts.

Bloom's Literature is named in honor of Harold Bloom, one of the most original scholars in the field of literary criticism.  Unbelievable as it sounds, he has been a professor at Yale since 1955!  Many students know him for his many works of literary criticism, and we have many of his books in our collection.However, having his works on-line in an easy to use format makes it so much easier for  students.  No more will the first student through the door grab all the books on The Grapes of Wrath.  The database is easily accessible 24/7 for all. Those of us who have had the dismaying experience of discovering pages ripped out of reference books, need never face a mutilated book again.

In addition to the many convenient access points to the database, author, title, character, etc., the database has another enticing feature.  It also provides, some performances of great literature. Click on Anna Karenina and watch the 1948 film version.  Enjoy watching a performance of All's Well That Ends Well from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.  Want to watch Les Miserables without the singing?  You will find it here as well.
You certainly don't have to be a student to benefit from Bloom's Literature.  Teachers will find much to
appreciate in that the "Standards" section correlates to Common core and New York State standards,  Anyone who wants to enhance their understanding of literature, be it for your own edification, or to dazzle at a book discussion will find a lot of material.

This is one of the best produced and well-sourced databases I have ever seen in the subject of literature.  Please take a peak at it and see if you don't think its a lot better than Google.

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