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Blam! Kapow!! Bubbles???

Yes, Robin -- I said BUBBLES!  Kiddies will go krazy at the Congers Train Station.  "But, Caped One, what do you mean?"  I mean Romper Room will be held there on Friday July 24th - one session at 10 and yet another at 11.  AND the Mayor says those kookie librarians are doing it again on August 14 - same Bat train station, same Bat time! "Then we'd better fly over there and make sure everyone has a good time!"  You are correct, young assistant!  Away!!  (I can't wait to sing Skinnamarink, Robin....and use the shakers....and jump around....and those drums!  Then there's the bubbles at the end.....alright already -- calm down, Caped One!  We'll go!  I understand that the train station accommodates 50 people per session....don't worry!!!  Right, young one!)The mayor also said there is a limit of one adult per child, so that all the kiddies can fit...now this time, really, Away!!

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