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A Bath Getaway

Are you fatigued by the summer heat and noxious air of the City?  Has the Season's endless social whirl sapped your strength?  Perhaps you have an aged relative who would benefit from a spa's healthful waters?  My dear, you simply MUST visit Bath this summer!  What was that, madam?  No, no, not TAKE a bath (tsk, how vulgar these Americans are, referring to one's personal hygiene in mixed company!).  I refer, of course, to the venerable City of Bath, in Somerset, England.

I admit, Bath is no longer quite the thing with the faster set-- they prefer to visit that royal monstrosity of the Regent's in Brighton.  For those of a more retiring nature, however, the quieter society of Bath suits nicely.  The townhouses on the Royal Crescent are lovely, and quite reasonable for a summer's stay.  To amuse yourself, you may take tea in the Assembly Rooms, visit the shops, attend an entertainment at the Theatre Royal, have a stroll about the Pump Room, or-- if your fragile nature is up to it-- attend one of the Assemblies!  And naturally, you should take the waters while you're there (nasty stuff, truly, but your Great Aunt Beatrice swears by their healthful virtues).

Of course, shy young misses may discover that Bath holds other... attractions.  For example, I hear a certain young lady of my acquaintance did not quite "take" in London this Season?  Oh, child, no need to look so downhearted!  I know you had high hopes of making a match this year.  Alas, London is full of diamonds of the first water, and a gentle pearl such as yourself may have little chance to shine in such company.  

But Bath, my dear, is not London.  There is a positive dearth of young ladies at present, and there are many fine gentlemen here... discerning gentlemen, who appreciate that a lady's finer qualities do not begin and end with her looks.  Responsible, mannered gentlemen, who cheerfully attend their cousins' musicales and visit with their old aunties.  Perhaps even-- dare I say it?-- some handsome gentleman who might esteem a hidden gem, hm?


Dearest girl, I have heard how unhappy you've been in London.  Now that the Season is over, I believe your Mama will be more amenable to a brief respite in the country.  A visit to Bath could be good for you in so many ways.  Oh, do say you'll visit soon!

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