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New Music Releases, February 2015

Bell, Joshua.  Joshua Bell 3D Classic Albums                             CLAS BELL JOSH

Bell, Joshua.  Bach                                                              CLAS BELL BACH

Charli, Xcx.  Sucker                                                              POP CHAR SUCK

Diamond, Neil.  Melody Road                                                 POP DIAM MELO

Flaming Lips.  With a Little Help From My Fwends                     ROCK FLAM WITH

Guetta, David.  Listen                                                          POP GUET LIST

Jonas, Nick.  Nick Jonas                                                        POP JONA NICK

Nickelback.  No Fixed Address                                               ROCK NICK NO

Pitbull.  Globalization                                                            RAP PITB GLOB

Rieu, Andre.  Love In Venice                                                CLAS RIEU LOVE

Ronson, Mark.  Uptown Special                                             R&B RONS UPTO

Shipp, Matthew.  I’ve Been To Many Places                            JAZZ SHIP I’VE

Simple Minds.  Big Music                                                       ROCK SIMP BIG

Slipknot.  .5: The Gray Chapter                                             ROCK SLIP .5:

Swon Brothers.  Swon Brothers                                            COUN SWON SWON

T.I. Paperwork                                                                   RAP T.I. PAPE

Thomas, Michael Tilson.  Masterpieces In Minature                   CLAS THOM MAST

TV On the Radio.  Seeds                                                     ROCK TV SEED

Various.  Now 52                                                                ROCK COLL NOW52

Various.  Into the Woods                                                     SOUND INTO

Various.  Begin Again                                                           SOUND BEGIN

Various.  Habemus Papam                                                     CLAS COLL HABE

Various.  Ultra 2015                                                              POP COLL ULTR 2015

Virelles, David.  Mboko                                                          JAZZ VIRE MBOKO

Young, Neil.  Storytone                                                        ROCK YOUN STOR

Yusuf.  Tell ‘em I’m Gone                                                     ROCK YUSU TELL

Zac Brown Band.  Greatest Hits So Far                                   COUN ZAC GREA


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