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Keeping Safe

All libraries, whether public or private, are concerned with the security and maintenance of their material.  To that end, the collections in this library have an activated security system in place.  Most times material is 'deactivated' at checkout and you leave with no problem.  Occasionally the detection alarm rings even though you have a complete checkout receipt.  The  blame usually falls to barcode placement, most common on material from other libraries but sometimes on our older items as well.  Cases containing more than one disc might need extra attention also.  When  the alarm sounds we ask that you return to the Circulation desk; we'll deactivate the security and thank  you for  your patience and understanding.  

Keeping safe also includes securing your account.  When using the self-charging machines always 'close' your account by selecting a receipt option.  If you walk away without completing this step it could lead to someone unintentionally checking out material on your barcode.  Some of our youngest users aren't able to read but they can push those barcodes through the scanner in the wink of an eye.  Keep your account safe and choose a receipt.  


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