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Better Than Google

Access Video on Demand is one of the most exciting databases we have ever had.  Unlike our more traditional databases, it doesn’t have text, but has video! So, rather than read information in the form of articles or e-books, you can watch actual films. Enjoy over 13,000 films, and 207,000 segments of free streaming video. Access Video on Demand and Archival Films feature eight comprehensive collections including films by such greats as Ken Burns, NOVA, Bill Moyers, National Geographic.

You can watch independent full-length films, archival films and newsreels, travelogues, plays, cooking shows, news programs, instructional videos on mathematics or career planning, and the list goes on and on. When you search by subject, and you will get a list of videos that pertain to it. You can even save them on your own playlist and watch them at a later time. I guarantee you will find something fascinating in this database.  Just explore it by subject and you will spend hours moving from one mesmerizing video to another.

There is something for everyone on Access Video in Demand. Students will appreciate watching films of literature they are studying in class, and they can watch history come alive in the newsreels.  Haven’t been able to travel? Just sit back and watch journeys to faraway lands with  Rick Steves, or learns the secrets of the Vatican, or cheesemaking in France.  Science buffs will find much to like in the myriad of topics covered.  For those who delight in music, watch actual performances, or sit in on the lectures.  I hope you will soon become a frequent user of this site.  New material is added frequently, and the quality is unsurpassed.  If you enjoy it even half as much as I do, you will have to admit, it is better than google!



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