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New Music Releases, May 2014

American Authors.  Oh, What a Life                                      ROCK AMER OH

Ashanti.  Braveheart                                                           R&B ASHA BRA

Augustines.  Augustines                                                      ROCK AUGU AUG

Avital, Avi.  Between Worlds                                                CLAS AVIT BETW

Bach.  Inventions & Sinfonias                                                CLAS BACH INVE

Beatles.  Beatles ’65                                                            ROCK BEAT BEA’65

Beck.  Morning Phase                                                          ROCK BECK MORN

Braxton, Toni.  Love Marriage & Divorce                                  R&B BRAX LOV

Britten, Benjamin.  War Requiem                                           CLAS BRIT WAR

Broza, David.  East Jerusalem West Jerusalem                          FOLK BROZ EAS

Cash, Johnny.  Out Among the Stars                                      COUN CASH OUT

Cherry, Neneh.  Blank Project                                                POP CHER BLA

CheVelle.  La Gargola                                                            ROCK CHEV GARG

Dion.  Tank Full of Blues                                                        R&B DION TAN

Evans, Sara.  Slow Me Down                                                 COUN EVAN SLO

Foster the People.  Supermodel                                             ROCK FOST SUPE

Grigolo, Vittorio.  Ave Maria                                                   CLAS CRIG AVE

Hahn, Hilary.  In 27 Pieces                                                     CLAS HAHN IN

Karmin.  Pulses                                                                    ROCK KARM PUL

Kid Ink.  My Own Lane                                                         RAP KID MY

Kidjo, Angelique.  Eve                                                          WORLD KIDJ EVE

Kongos.  Lunatic                                                                 ROCK KONG LUNA


Ledisi.  The Truth                                                                R&B LEDI TRU

Llewellyn.  Moon Spells                                                         NEWAGE LLEW MOO

Lo-Fang.  Blue Film                                                               ROCK LO-FA BLUE

Milsap, Ronnie.  Summer Number Seventeen                           COUN MILS SUM

Mozart.  Piano Concertos 20 & 27.                                         CLAS MOZA PIAN

Neon Trees.  Pop Psychology                                                ROCK NEON POP

Olsen, Angel.  Burn Your Fire For No Witness                           ROCK OLSE BURN

Parry, Sir Charles Hubert.  Works For Chorus and…..                  CLAS PARR WORK

Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Breathe                                             WORLD CELTI RED

St. Vincent.  Saint Vincent                                                    ROCK ST.VI SAIN

Santos, Romeo.  Formula Vol. 2                                             WORLD SPANI SANT FOR

Schumann.  Symphony No. 2                                                CLAS SCHU SYMP No. 2

Sibelius.  Symphonies Nos. 1 & 4                                            CLAS SIBE SYMP #1&4

Stravinsky.  Le Sacre Du Printemps                                         CLAS STRA SACR

Tchaikovsky.  Pathetique                                                       CLAS TCHA PATH

Various.  Fifteen Shades of Blue                                              JAZZ COLL FIF

Various.  Esto Es + Vida (Special Edition)                                  WORLD SPANI COLL EST

Various.  New Year’s Concert 2014                                          CLAS COLL NEW 2014

Various.  Hymns of Jesus                                                        CLAS COLL HYMN

Various.  Live at Carnegie Hall                                                  CLAS COLL  LIVE


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