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Better Than Google

Financial Ratings Series is back! The combined power of Weiss Ratings and TheStreet gives you all the information you need so that you can make sound, informed, financial decisions.

Weiss Ratings is the nation's only provider of independent ratings on the nation's 900 life and annuity insurers, 2,700 property and casualty insurers, as well as 600 health insurers and HMOs. It is among the nation's leading providers of independent ratings on 8,000 banks and S&Ls. Plus, it distributes independent ratings on the shares of thousands of publicly-traded companies, mutual funds, closed-end funds and ETFs.

TheStreet Ratings is a leading independent provider of investment ratings and analysis covering thousands of Bond & Money Market Mutual Funds, Stock Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds and CommonStocks. TheStreet is a leading digital financial media company whose network includes the following properties: TheStreet, RealMoney, Stockpickr, BankingMyWay, MainStreet and Rate-Watch.TheStreet's rating scale is extremely straightforward and easy to understand. There are no complicated number grades to interpret, no colored paper to decode, and no stars to count. Instead, each entry gets a simple, intuitive letter grade that immediately identifies a stock or mutual fund as a Buy-Hold-Sell.The reports on the stocks are five pages long, as compared to the one page report found in Value Line.

Need help in choosing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance or long-Term Care insurance?  FRS provides you with free tools to help you make those important decisions. The MediGap Buyer's Guide and Premium Calculator gives step-by-step guidance on selecting the right plan for you. You will save time and money by availing yourself of this remarkable product. Why take a chance on using a financially troubled institution when FRS makes it so easy to be well informed? Take charge of your financial present and future with the experts at Financial Ratings Series. Is it better than Google?  I should say so!

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