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The Jacob J. Blauvelt House, located on Zukor Road in New City, stands majestically on the grounds of the Historical Society of Rockland. This farmhouse was owned by the Blauvelt family from 1741 until 1970 when the society acquired it. Its street location is equally historical as this road went from New City, spilled into today’s South Mountain Rd and then traveled the foot of the mountain into Haverstraw.


Restored in 1832, the house is a fine example of Flemish Vernacular architecture and Greek Revival ornamentation.  It was built from brick that served as ballast in the ships crossing the Atlantic from Holland.  There was an earlier house built north of the present home made of sandstone and became the new house foundation.  The house has undergone multiple renovations through the years.


The land where the house resides was part of a grant made by King George III in the 1760s and part of the Kakiat Patent that stretches into Ramapo from Clarkstown.  As of 1970, 11 generations of Blauvelts had lived on the property. 


Many of the generations of this branch of the family are buried in the Martinus Hogencamp Cemetery in New City.



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