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Better Than Google

While reading through my past blog entries, I was surprised that I had never written about one of our oldest and best used databases, ReferenceUSA. This database has been around since 1992, and we were one of their earliest subscribers. Here are some of the reasons why we continue to subscribe.

If you've never used RefUSA, it is a leading provider of business and consumer research. Patrons can find much more than mere directory information.  You can find financial data, contact information of key employees, even news articles. Custom searching can provide you with lists of companies by any parameter you choose. Looking to open a bakery in New City, and want to check out the competition? You can find that by selecting the appropriate parameters. There are records of more than 24 million U.S. businesses in this database. They also compile residential information from over 520,000 white page directories.  Anyone looking for an old friend or relative will be particularly glad to use this last feature. After all, phone books are almost non-existent in today's public libraries.

Other features of the database are Canadian white pages and Canadian businesses.  There is also a U.S. Healthcare module featuring physicians and dentists.  For marketers, there is a U.S. New Movers/Homeovers and U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles, which can help craft a targeted list of potential customers. A multitude of search options can assist in creating a specific and customized list.

However, my favorite new add-on is U.S. Jobs/Internships, an invaluable source for those jobseekers. Besides the 2.5 million job postings, they also include job help with tips on resume writing, interviewing and salary estimates.  They also include test tips for the LSAT, MCAT. SAT and ACT.  This is a very easy database to use, something I did not find with their competitors.  So, ease of use plus fair price equals a happy relationship between ReferenceUSA and the New City Library.  So, direct marketers, job seekers, and anyone trying to locate an out-of-town telephone book, come try ReferenceUSA, you'll know it is better than Google!

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