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Ahh, romance!  In fiction, as in life, it takes many forms.  Contemporary romance can be comfortable and familiar.  It might begin simply, such as: two people, vying for possession of a dryer at the local laundromat.  They argue, they talk, they make up over a cup of coffee, and then they find that opposites really do attract.  Or, as in romantic suspense, it can add another dimension to your standard thriller: she's a cop, he's the suspect with a mysterious past and eyes she can't forget... and a killer is out to finish them both, if they can't resolve their differences.

Historical romances can span many places and times: medieval Scotland, Qin dynasty China, the American Old West, and Renaissance Venice, just to name a few.  (There's even a subgenre for time-travelling lovers!)  The rarefied society of Regency London is one of the most popular historical settings: a rakish viscount, an intriguing young debutante, a crowded ballroom... and the forbidden waltz that brings them together

For a lighter "grown-up fairy-tale" touch, there's fantasy romance; for a real walk on the wild side, there's paranormal or supernatural romance (dealing with psychics, vampires, werebeasts, and the like): man by day, beast by night; neither half of his cursed existence can forget the woman he wants to be with forever... but can she live with the monster inside him? 

No matter the style, romances remain one of the most popular genre collections in our library.  I know that not everything is to everyone's taste, so I work at providing the best-reviewed titles in a variety of styles.  But I could use your help!  What romances do you like to read?  Is there a favorite author or subgenre that you miss seeing on our shelves?  I'm open to suggestions; let me hear from you in the comment box below!

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