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New Music Releases, December 2013

Adkins, Trace.  King’s Gift                                                                                   R ADKI KG

Afi.  Burials                                                                                                        MR AFI BUR

Arcade Fire.  Reflektor                                                                                        MR ARCA REF

Avett Brothers.  Magpie and the Dandelion                                                        MR AVET MAT

Avicii.  True                                                                                                         H AVIC TRU

Bell, Joshua.  Musical Gifts from Joshua Bell and Friends                                      R BELL MGF

Big Sean.  Hall of Fame                                                                                        MR BIG HOF

Callahan, Bill.  Dream River                                                                                   MR CALL DR

Campbell, Glen.  Icon Christmas                                                                           R CAMP IC

Clarkson, Kelly.  Wrapped In Red                                                                         R CLAR WIR

DeGraw, Gavin.  Make a Move                                                                              MR DEGR MAM

Deltron 3030.  Event 2                                                                                        MR DELT ET

Dion, Celine.  Loved Me Back To Life                                                                     MR DION LMB

Dominican Sisters of Mary.  Mater Eucharistiae                                                     C DOMI ME

Dream Theater.  Dream Theater                                                                           MR DREA DT

Earnhardt Jr., Dale.  Speed of Things                                                                   MR EARN SOT

Fernandez, Alejandro.  Confidencias                                                                     Q FERN CON

Five For Fighting.  Bookmarks                                                                               MR FIVE BOO

Fleming, Renee.  Guilty Pleasures                                                                          B FLEM GP

Glasper, Robert.  Black Radio 2                                                                             R&B GLAS BRT

Goulding, Ellie.  Halcyon Days                                                                                MR GOUL HD

Jaheim.  Appreciation Day                                                                                     R&B JAHE APP

Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts.  Unvarnished                                                           MR JETT UNV

John Abercrombie Quartet.  39 Steps                                                                   MJ JOHN TNS

Khaked, DJ.  Suffering From Success                                                                     MR KHAL SFS

Korn.  Paradigm Shift                                                                                            MR KORN PS

Lady Gaga.  Artpop                                                                                               MA GAGA ART

Lee, Amos.  Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song                                                 MR LEE MOS

Los Lobos.  Disconnected In New York City                                                            MR LOBO DIN

Lucius.  WildWoman                                                                                               MR LUCI WIL

McCartney, Paul.  New                                                                                           MR MCCA NEW

Moby.  Innocents                                                                                                  MR MOBY INN

Musiq Soulchild.  9ine                                                                                            R&B MUSI 9IN

Nelson, Willie.  To All the Girls                                                                                 MC NELS TAT

Newsboys.  Restart                                                                                                MG NEWS RES

Nine Inch Nails.  Hesitation Marks                                                                           MR NINE HM

Odell, Tom.  Long Way Down                                                                                  MR ODEL LWD

Of Monsters and Men.  My Head Is An Animal                                                         MR OF MHI

Panic at the Disco.  Too Much To Live, Too Rare To Die                                           MR PANI TMT

Pearl Jam.  Lightning Bolt                                                                                       MR PEAR LB

Perry, Katy.  Prism                                                                                                  MA PERR PRI

Pope, Cassandee.  Frame By Frame                                                                          MC POPE FBF

Sleigh Bells.  Bitter Rival                                                                                         MR SLEI BR

Sly and the Family Stone.  Higher                                                                           R&B SLY HIG

TLC.  20                                                                                                                  R&B TLC TWE

Various.  WOW Hits 2014                                                                                        MG COLL WOW14

Various.  CBGB (Movie Soundtrack)                                                                          L COLL CBGB

Various.  Motown Christmas                                                                                    R COLL MC

Various.  Latin Party 2                                                                                             Q COLL LPT

Various.  Ultra Music Festival 2013                                                                           H COLL UMF

Various.  Holy Hip Hop                                                                                             MG COLL HHH

Various.  Alabama & Friends                                                                                     MC COLL AAF

Verdi. Requiem                                                                                                         C VERD REQ

Wilson, Gretchen.  Christmas In My Heart                                                                 R WILS CIM

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