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Welcome to Zinio!

Read a magazine on your PC, tablet or smartphone! Please note that Zinio does not currently work with Nook or Kindle e-readers. All other devices should be compatible.

The first time you try Zinio, you may want to be on your desktop and laptop as there are two sign ups involved, one at the library's launch page to access the library's collection and another at Zinio itself which will allow you to read the checked out magazines by either streaming online with a computer and/or downloaded offline via mobile apps. T

To set get set up, first head to the New City Library Zinio page by clicking here.

Look over the selection of magazines and choose one that interests you. When you click on it, you'll get this screen:

Click on the 'Create New Account' link and get your library card. Remember, you can only access Zinio with a New City Library card. Zinio will prompt you to enter your barcode number.

Enter in some basic information and create a password.

While the page will tell you that you have successfully checked out your magazine, there is still another sign up ahead. Click 'Start Reading'.


This will take you to the Zinio page. You'll be asked for another account login. Click 'Create New Zinio Account'.



Remember, this is a different account than the one created with your library barcode.  Fill out the form and then click 'Register'.

Now you can log into Zinio with your new account information and read your magazine! You'll see it under your Reading List or Your Library

Click on the title and it will open in a seperate window.

TThe buttons underneath provide options as you go through the magazine. The first button on the bottom left allows you to print, the second to make adjustments to the look and feel, the third to access help, the fourth to share an article with a friend. You'll also see a search box, a button that gives the option for full screen and the last one on the bottom right that will return you to the table of contents.

Once you have set up both accounts, go to your app store and download the Zinio app. You can now read magazines on your portable device!

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