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Mystery Monday

Mystery Fans Rejoice!  We have moved our collection upstairs out of our beloved but cramped Mystery Room to more spacious quarters.  We have taken over the space formerly occupied by Large Print and what a great space it is!  Luxuriate in our comfortable wingback chairs--Spread out your books and papers on the table.  Because we didn't have to use the top and bottom shelves, no more stretching or bending to reach the books.  We have more shelf space for mysteries, so our collection can continue to grow.
You will have to train your feet not to walk into the old Mystery Room, but I am confident that you will soon be as happy in our new space as I am.  Please let me know what you think.

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Thanks much

Thanks so much for creating such a splendid oasis, online and in the community!!!!


Nice Blog entry and nice space

I love the new space.  Keep up the wonderful work you do.



Great Website, great

Great Website, great article.Greetings.