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New Music Releases, June, 2013

98 Degrees.  2.0                                                                       MR NINE TPO

Adkins, Trace.  Love Will                                                              MC ADKI LW

Anka, Paul.  Duets                                                                      MA ANKA DUE

Attaca Quartet.  Fellow Traveler                                                    F ATTA FT

Bach.  Bach Suites Nos. 1,2,3                                                       EC BACH BSN

Benedetti, Nicola.  Silver Violin                                                      EA BENE SV

Blake, James.  Overgrown                                                            MA BLAK OVE

Britten, Benjamin.  Rape of Lucretia                                               B BRIT ROL

Buble, Michael.  To Be Loved                                                        MA BUBL TBL

Chesney, Kenny.  Life On a Rock                                                   MC CHES LOA

Cool J, LL.  Authentic                                                                  MR COOL AUT

Crabb, Jason.  Love Is Stronger                                                     MG CRAB LIS

Eve.  Lip Lock                                                                             MR EVE LL

Fall Out Boy.  Save Rock and Roll                                                    MR FALL SRA

Foggerty, John.  Wrote a Song For Everyone                                  MR FOGE WAS

From First To Last.  Throne To the Wolves                                      MR FROM TTT

Griffin, Patty.  American Kid                                                           P GRIF AK

Hart, Beth.  Seesaw                                                                    MR HART SEE

Hendrix, Jimi.  People, Hell and Angels                                            MR HEND PHA

Il Volo.  Mas Que Amor                                                                 Q VOLO MQA

J J Weeks Band.  All Over the World                                              MG JJWE AOT

Jerusalem Quartet.  Mozart String Quartets                                     F JERU MSQ

Jerusalem Quartet.  Schumann Piano Quintet                                  F JERU SPQ

Kid Cudi.  Indicud                                                                        MR CUDI IND

Lady Antebellum.  Golden                                                             MC LADY GOL

Los Amigos Invisibles.   Repeat After Me                                         MA AMIG RAM

Lovato, Demi.  Demi                                                                    MA LOVA DEM

Mahler, Gustav.  Mahler: Symphony No. 9                                        ES MAHL MSN

Maines, Natalie.  Mother                                                               MR MAIN MOT

Murs, Olly, Right Place Right Time                                                  MR OLLY RPR

National, The.  Trouble Will Find Me                                               MR NATI TWF

New Kids On the Block.  10                                                          MA NEW TEN

Nilson, Gretchen.  Right On Time                                                  MC WILS ROT

Piano Guys.  Piano Guys 2                                                            MR PANI PGT

Pires, Maria Joao.  Schubert: Piano Sonatas D 845                           GP PIRE SPS

Pistol Annies.  Annie Up                                                               MC PIST AU

Rucker, Darius.  True Believers                                                       MC RUCK TB

Sanchez, Antonio.  New Life                                                        MJ SANC NL

Silverstein.  This Is How the Wind Shifts                                         MR SILV TIH

Simon, Harper.  Division Street                                                      MR SIMO DS

Stevens, Tate.  Tate Stevens                                                       MC STEV TS

Stewart, rod.  Time                                                                    MR STEW TIM

Strait, George.  Love Is Everything                                                MC STRA LIE

Various.  Now 46                                                                        MR COLL NOW46

Various.  Top 25 Gospel Songs                                                     MG COLL TTF

Various.  Now Country Party                                                        MC COLL NCP

Various.  Great Gatsby (Motion Picture Soundtrack)                         L GATS GGM

Various.  Love For Levon: A Benefit To Save the Barn                      MR COLL LFL

Vives, Carlos.  Corazon Profundo                                                   Q VIVE CP

Wavves.  Afraid of Heights                                                           MR WAVV AOH

Wigmore, Gin.  Gravel & Wine                                                      MR WIGM GAW

Will.I.AM.  Willpower                                                                   MR WILL WIL

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