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April NonFiction Audiobooks

BCD B Churchill
     Churchill: the prophetic statesman
by James C. Humes.  Read by Matthew Brenher.  6 discs.  6 hours.

BCD B Deraniyagala
by Sonali Deraniyagala.  Read by Hannah Curtis.  5 discs.  5+ hours.

BCD B Donald
    Battle Ready: memoir of a SEAL warrior medic
by Mark L. Donald and Scott Mactavish. Read by Fred Berman.  8 discs.  8+ hours. 

BCD B Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson: the art of powe
r by Jon Meacham.  Read by Edward Herrmann.  15 discs.  19 hours.

BCD B Rothschild
     The Baroness: the search for Nica, the rebellious Rothschild
by Hannah Rothschild.  Read by the author.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD B Russo
    Elsewhere: a memoir
by Richard Russo.  Read by the author.  6 discs.  7+ hours.

BCD B Sparks
     The Liberator: one World War II soldier’s 500 day odyssey
by Alex Kershaw.  Read by Fred Sanders.  9 discs.  11hours.

BCD 031.02 Jennings
     Because I Said So!
by Ken Jennings.  Read by the author.  5 discs.  5+ hours.

BCD 133.9013 Alexa
     Proof of Heaven: a neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife
by Eben Alexander, M.D.  Read by the author.  5 discs.  5 hours.

BCD 153.8 McGon
     The Willpower Instinct: how self-control works, why it matters, and what you can do to get more of it
by Kelly McGonigal, PH.D.  Read by Walter Dixon.  8 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD 155.24 Taleb
     Antifragile: things that gain from disorder
by Nassim Taleb.  Read by Joe Ochman.  13 discs.  16+ hours.

BCD 302.2 Sow
     Knowledge and Decisions
by Thomas Sowell.  Read by Robertson Dean.  17 discs.  21 hours.

BCD 305.8234 Fre
     Plutocrats: the rise of the new global super-rich and the fall of everyone else
by Chrystia Freeland.  Read by Allyson Ryan.  10 discs.  12 hours.

BCD 305.8991 Diamo
     The World Until Yesterday: what can we learn from traditional societies?
by Jared Diamond.  Read by Jay Snyder.  15 discs.  18+ hours.

BCD 332.024 Richa
     The Behavior Gap: simple ways to stop doing dumb things with money
by Carl Richards.  Read by the author.  3 discs.  3+ hours.

BCD 338.04 And
     Makers: the new industrial revolution
by Chris Anderson.  Read by Rene Ruiz.  7 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD 362.50973 Steel
     A Gift of Hope: helping the homeless
by Danielle Steel.  Read by Angela Dawe.  3 discs.  2+ hours.

BCD 364.106 Reavi
     Mafia Summit
by Gil Reavill.  Read by Keith Szarabjka.  7 discs.  8 hours.

BCD 364.1066 Lie
     Gangster Squad: covert cops, the mob, and the battle for Los Angeles
by Paul Lieberman.  Read by Robert Petkoff.  11 discs.  14 hours.

BCD 613.2 Moss
     Salt, Sugar, Fat: how the food giants hooked us
by Michael Moss.  Read by Scott Brick.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD 616.994 Sch
     The End of Your Life Book Club
by Will Schwalbe.  Read by Jeff Harding.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD 618.175 Gottf
     The Hormone Cure: reclaim balance, sleep, sex drive and vitality naturally with the Gottfried Protocol
by Sara Gottfried.  Read by the author.  11 discs.  13+ hours.

BCD 759.36 O’Connor
      The Lady in Gold: the extraordinary tale of Gustav Klimt’s Masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer
by Anne Marie O’Connor.  Read by Coleen Marlo.  9 discs.  11 hours.

BCD 780.9 Byrne
     How Music Work
s by David Byrne.  Read by Andrew Garman.  11 discs.  13 hours.

BCD 940.5318 Brzez
     Isaac’s Army : a story of courage and survival in Nazi-occupied Poland
by Matthew Brzezinski.  Read by Arthur Morey.  14 discs.  17 hours.

BCD 818.54 Sco
     Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim
by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella.  Read by the authors.  5 discs.  5+ hours.

BCD 940.5472 Ham
     Sandakan: the untold story of the Sandakan death marches
by Paul Ham.  Read by Robert Meldrum.  15 discs.  18+ hours.

BCD 973.713 Lev
     The Fall of the House of Dixie: the Civil War and the social revolution that transformed the South
by Bruce Levine.  Read by Peter Jay Fernandez.  12 discs.  14 hours.

BCD 973.931 Eiche
      500 Days: secrets and lies in the terror wars
by Kurt Eichenwald.  Read by Holter Graham.  18 discs.  22 hours.

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