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Coming in December

Bruen, Ken. London Boulevard.

This hard-hitting novel has tough guy Mitchell switching jobs from loan shark enforcer to handyman for a wealthy and passionate actress.  Will his dangerous background and violent past ruin his chances of love?

Burcell, Robin. The Bone Chamber

Forensic artist and FBI agent, Sydney Fitzpatrick, attempts to tie in her friend's hit and run murder, with another murder of an archeological student.

Drake, David. The Gods Return.

In the conclusion to the Crown of the Isles series, an army of threatening Rat Men, are created by the Empire of Palomir.  They along with a gigantic worm and a mysterious entity are the challenges Drake's heroes face.

Dunne, Dominick. Too Much Money.

High Society Journalist, Gus Bailey, finds that his compulsion to gossip, has gotten him smack in the middle of a $11 million lawsuit.

Estleman, Loren D. Alone.
Film archivist Valentino is back for a second adventure that starts with a letter from Great Garbo.

Grafton, Sue. U Is for Undertow.

Hall, M.R. The Disappeared.

Hamilton, Laurell K. Divine Misdemeanors.

Koontz, Dean. Breathless.
Grady Adams and veternarian are on the run after spotting some unusual animal in the Rocky mountains.

McCall Smith, Alexander. La's Orchestra Saves the World.
A stand alone book by the author of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Rutherfurd, Edward. New York: The Novel.

Webb, Betty. Desert Lost.
Arizona P.I. Lena Jones in her sixth book must investigate a polygamous cult.

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