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Beyond Books - The Oscars Redux

The Oscars have come and gone and, has been the case in the past, there have been mixed reviews on the telecast.  Some thought it was cutting edge humor.  Still others saw it as tasteless.  The producers, in my opinion, were trying to entice a younger audience to start watching this program, which, typically, tends to skew older demographically.  Whatever your opinion is on the telecast we can all agree that, as usual, it was way too long.

As to our own "can you guess the winner's contest".....we had one patron (out of 66 entries) who guessed all five winners correctly.  Kudos to our patron Joyce Loew.  Joyce won first prize of a new DVD of her own choosing.  We had seven patrons who guessed four categories correctly.  These patrons will have the opportunity to pick a new CD from a group of titles I have selected. 

Here are the DVD release dates of the other best picture nominees:

Life of Pi - March 12th            Zero Dark Thirty - March 19th         Les Miserables - Friday, March 22nd    

Lincoln - March 26th;             Django Unchained - April 16th         Silver Linings Playbook - April 30th

Amour does not have a DVD release date yet.

Other titles of interest that have March release dates are: Twilight Saga - Brreaking Dawn Pt. 2 - Saturday, March 2nd, Wreck-It Ralph - March 5th; Rust & Bone - March 19th (A foreign language film with Marion Cotillard, in French); The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey - March 19th; and Parental Guidance - March 26th.  Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei all star in this family friendly film rated PG.  Of course, your New City Library AV Department will have all these films on their "streetdate"; the date they become available to the general public.

Once again, thank you to all who participated in our first Oscar Awards contest.  I hope this becomes an annual event for our audiovisual department.

Until next month.....




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