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New Music Releases, January 2013

AC/DC.  Live at River Plate                                                  MR ACDC LAR

Aerosmith.  Music from Another Dimension                            MR AERO MFA

Arjona, Ricardo.  Independiente                                           Q ARJO IND

Boys Like Girls.  Crazy World                                                 MR BOYS CW

Brandy.  Two Eleven                                                           R&B BRAN TE

Clark, Gary.  Blak and Blu                                                      MR CLAR BAB

Clarkson, Kelly.  Greatest Hits.  Chapter One                           MR CLAR GHC

Cole, Keyshia.  Woman to Woman                                         R&B COLE WTW

Corea, Chick & Burton, Gary.  Hot House                                MJ CORE HH

Dolenz, Micky.  Remember                                                   MA DOLZ REM

Pitbull.  Global Warming                                                       MR PITB GW

Gray, Macy.  Talking Book                                                     R&B GRAY TB

Green Day.  Dos                                                                 MR GREE DOS

Harris, Calvin.  18 Months                                                     MR HARR EM

Heath, Brandon.  Blue Mountain                                            MG HEAT BM

K’Naan.  Country, God Or the Girl                                          MR KNAA CGO

Ke$ha.  Warrior                                                                  MR KE$H WAR

Keys, Alicia.  Girl On Fire                                                       R&B KEYS GOF

Kid Rock.  Rebel Soul                                                           MR KID RS

Kiss.  Monster                                                                     MR KISS MON

Lady Antebellum.  On This Winter’s Night                                R LADY OTW

Led Zeppelin.  Celebration Day                                              MR LEDZ CD

LMFAO.  Sorry For Party Rocking                                            MR LMFA SFP

Meek Mill.  Dreams and Nightmares                                         MR MEEK DAN

Mika.  The Origin of Love                                                      MR MIKA OOL

Minogue, Kylie.  Abbey Road Sessions                                     MA MINO ARS

Newman, A.C.  Shut Down the Streets                                  MR NEW SDT

Ne-Yo.  R.E.D.                                                                     R&B NEYO RED

One Direction.  Take Me Home                                               MA ONE TMH

Psy.  Psyfive                                                                        MR PSY PSY

Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I’m With You                                       MR RED IWY

Script, The.  #3                                                                   MR SCRI NT

Simpson, Cody.  Paradise                                                       MA SIMP PAR

Soundgarden.  King Animal                                                    MR SOU KA

Stewart, Rod.  Merry Christmas Baby                                       R STEW MCB

Swedish House Mafia.  Until Now                                            MR SWED UN

Tame Impala.  Lonerism                                                        MR TAME LON

Third Day.  Miracle                                                               MG THIR MIR

Various.  A Very Special Christmas                                           R COLL VSC

Various.  Now That’s What I Call Today’s Christmas                   R COLL NC

Various.  Electrospective                                                      MR COLL ELE

Wallflowers.  Glad All Over                                                    MR WALL GAO

Warwick, Dionne.  Now                                                       MR WARW NOW

Young, Neil.  Psychedelic Pill                                                 MR YOUN PP


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