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What's Cooking?: Shape Up!

The overindulgent holiday feasting is finally over and the New Year projects the familiar resolutions we’ve come to know every year in regard to our health and fitness.  Where we recently were enticed by the seductive sweets that surrounded us during the holiday gluttony without any guilt, we must now discipline ourselves to withdrawn from this temptation.  After stepping on the scale to see the damage, there will be no delay in cutting out the homemade cookies, banana breads, chocolates, and apple pie that are all sitting in the kitchen within reach.  It is certainly the right time to go back to eating smaller portions to whip us into shape. The bounty of nourishing healthy recipes provides variety and interests.  Never a dull selection.  Although correcting our eating habits to maintain a healthier diet is not easy, there are many sources to help us support a healthy lifestyle eating. 

There are so many weight loss programs in the market so check out the few that are mentioned.  Books in the following subject areas are found in the 641.5’s and 613.25.  Help is available at the reference desk if you are interested in a specific weight loss program or you can browse at your leisure.  By the way, don’t forget the exercise books and DVDs (613.7) to complete your fitness regimen.   I hear the fruits and vegetables calling out to me…and the elliptical.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks

Natural and Raw Foods

Weight Loss Diets and their cookbooks:  Low Carb Diet, Low Calorie Diet, Wheat Belly Diet, Flex Diet, Metabolic Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers, Jennie Craig, South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Sonoma Diet, Sugar Busters, Zone Diet, Paleo Diet, and others

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