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Better Than Google

How the 1938 debate team at Munhall High School (Pa) would have loved using Opposing Viewpoints in Context!  Rather than pour over newspapers and magazines to garner facts for their debates, they simply could have turned to this amazing database.  Alas, they were unable to benefit from it, but you can save yourself all that work. Students can find information on today's hot topics by simply typing their subject into the search box, or browse by topic.  This versatile database contains 5,000+ topic overviews, more than 14,000 pro/con essays, 5 million periodical articles, as well as videos, podcasts, statistical material and much more.  Each topic is thoroughly explored with chronologies, historical backgrounds and loads of facts.
However, few of us debate anymore, unless you are on the school debating team, or running for political office, and you may not see the need for this product.  How wrong you would be! For example, what do you know about fracking?  Why is it bad?  Why is it good?  What is it?  If you want to be more knowledgable about today's issues, Opposing Viewpoints in Context will provide you with that vital information. You will get fair, unbiased articles, along with opinions from every side of the issue.  Students use it not just for debate preparation, but for writing persuasive essays and term papers. The database is easy to navigate, and available to New City Library cardholders, either remotely or in the library.  Once you try it, you will surely agree that it is Better Than Google.


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