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Better Than Google

Thomson Gale Legal Forms is a database that you may never need to use.  But, if you need a legal form, don't want to buy it, don't know where to get it, than this is the database for you.  Legals forms are specialized forms that are not easy to find. If you need a form as simple as a lease, or a living will, do you need to consult an attorney?  You can get them at some mom and pop stationery stores, or large stores like Staples, but the selection is limited.  They are available on-line for a fee from Blumberg Forms, but who wants to pay?  Thomson Gale Legal Forms leases the content from a well known producer of legal forms called US Legal Forms.  These forms are categorized by topic, and easy to find and use.  They can be printed out in various formats, such as Adobe, Microsoft Word and Rich Text.  Some forms can be typed in when you view them for a neat and professional look. Samples of filled out forms are provided for your assistance. 
Some other nice features are a legal question and answer, a law digest, definitions, and names of attorneys and firms that practice in specific areas of law.  All of this information is provided for educational purposes only, it is not to be taken as legal advice.  The database emphatically states, and I echo this, that this database is not a substitute for a licensed attorney.  Another caveat is that some courts may not accept the forms provided, and there is no way to be sure.  The database also advises that the user consult with an attorney before filing any forms with the court.  So, this database, good as it is, should not keep you from seeking a professional to assist you in a court case.  What it can do, is educate you, give you a form (that may or not be accepted by the court), and the names of attorneys who practice in specific areas of law.  Keep these limits in mind, and you can still find the database useful.  Despite these warnings, is it better than google?  I would say so.

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