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What's Cooking?: Rub-a-Dub-Dub Marinade in the Tub


One of the great things about the summer is grilling and barbecuing.  It is the only time I do less cooking.  Perhaps it’s because the man of the house suddenly takes an interest in preparing the meals.  The summer heat seems to beckon the call of the wild in him.  Even with the frequent rain we’ve been having, it doesn’t deter him from cooking outdoors.   Nothing comes between the man and the meat on his grill.  And to make the food on that grill receive the highest compliments, he makes use of rubs and marinades to spice things up.  This inspires the family to offer their “ooh and aahs” as Dad is saluted for his supreme grilling talents. 

If you ever watch the pit masters in those barbecuing competitions on the food channels, it begins with the quality of the meat and its cut.  I must add that if you really have an excellent cut of meat, seasoning well with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper is enough.  A crusty salt coating keeps the juices of the meat from escaping and drying out.  To enhance the natural flavor of the meat, a little magic from the dry rubs, pastes, and marinades will create succulent meats and seafood with bold new tastes.  Let’s not forget the farm fresh vegetables that have been marinating with herbs and olive oil to be sizzled on that grill.  By the way, a portion of the rubs and marinades can be set aside before marinating.  This can be used as a wonderful condiment to the dish or brushed onto the food after grilling for added flavor.  In the world of competitive barbecuing, the measured ingredients are secretly guarded.  Now we have winners who are willing to share their secrets with us so try them out in your own backyard.  I can smell those shrimp and scallop kabobs now along with those grilled eggplants...

Grill It!: Secrets to Delicious Flamed Kissed Food edited by Better Homes and Gardens

My Grill: Outdoor Cooking Australian Style by Pete Evans

Ribs, Chops, Steaks & Wing by Ray “Dr. BBQ: Lampe

Seven Fires Grilling the Argentine Way by Francis Mallmann

The Japanese Grill by Tadeshi Ono

King of the Q’S Blue Plate BBQ by Ted Reader

The Asian Barbecue Book from Teriyaki to Tandoori by Alex Skaria

Marinades, Brines, Rubs, Cures, and Glazes by Jim Tarantino

The Asian Grill by Corinne Trang

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